CSR Initiatives

Commitment to Customers

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Mazda provides an ownership experience that exceeds customer expectations through every touch point.

Providing an Ownership Experience that Exceeds Customer Expectations

Aiming to provide customers with an ownership experience that exceeds their expectations and makes them feel the brand maintaining special bond with them, Mazda delivers Mazda's unique value to customers based on its brand philosophy, through every touch point with customers, in terms of quality, products, sales, and after-sales service and human resources.

Brand Philosophy

We love cars. We strive to live fruitful lives through cars. In our vision of the future, we see cars, the earth and society existing in harmony. We will continue to overcome obstacles with unique and original inspiration.

  1. Bring joy to our customers through the ownership of their vehicles.
  2. Provide cars, that are in harmony with the earth and society, to more people.
  3. Embrace challenges and through our ingenuity master the "Doh" (the Japanese concept of "the Way" or "the Path").

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