CSR Initiatives

Initiatives with Employees

Realization of Diversity

Mazda respects the diversity of its employees, and the Company aims to foster a corporate climate in which every employee can express his / her individuality while working alongside others to contribute to the Company and society. A message from the Company president on diversity is delivered to all employees every year during Human Rights Week in December.

Employment for Those with Special Needs

Ai Support Company/Organization Certificate

Mazda steadily and continuously recruits employees with special needs, considering that each employee can demonstrate his/her best performance. In support of a comfortable working environment for employees with special needs, Mazda has established the Physical Challenge Support Desk for consultations. In March 2014, Mazda was certified as an Ai Support Company/Organization under the Ai Support campaign,*1 by Hiroshima Prefecture. The Company participates in this campaign with the aim of helping realize a society where all people can live in harmony and in comfort, regardless of whether they are with or without special needs.

  • *1"Ai" is Love in English. The Ai Support campaign is intended to certify companies and organizations that recommend their employees to read the textbook "Let's Learn about and Live with People with Special Needs," and to participate in Ai Supporter training programs.

Physical Challenge Support Desk

  • Consultations are conducted for employees with special needs by a special career counselor regarding their work-related concerns, and helping to ensure a workplace environment that facilitates productive work (through devices to convert spoken words into text, automatic doors, etc.).
  • Assigns a sign-language interpreter to further facilitate communication with people with hearing impairments.
  • Holds Physical Challenge Networking Events through the collaborative effort of employees and management in order to provide opportunities for employees with same special needs to introduce their work content or consult each other on worries and problems. Held regularly to promote awareness and realizations that lead to energetic and positive efforts.
  • Created the Physical Challenge Guidebook*2, which provides general knowledge on disabilities, so as to deepen understanding of people with special needs, and implement appropriate measures with the aim of creating a work environment in which employees with special needs can thrive.
  • Promotes obtaining relevant certifications, and attending training sessions so that people in the workplace can provide further support for employees with special needs. Career counselors for employees with special needs*3: 27 (as of April 2014) Job Supporters*4: 5 (as of April 2014) Sign-language interpreter: 1 (as of April 2014)
  • *2A guidebook to be used when accepting people with special needs, providing information on the characteristics of each disability and considerations upon hiring.
  • *3A qualification certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Counselors provide general workplace and lifestyle consultations and guidance for individuals with special needs.
  • *4A person undergoing education and training to become a Hiroshima Prefecture-appointed regular workplace support staff member for employees with special needs.


Employees with special needs at workplace

Nobuyuki Aratani
Vehicle Production
Dept. No. 1, Hiroshima Plant
Masaki Ueda
Vehicle Production
Dept. No. 1, Hiroshima Plant

Ueda: I work as Team Leader for a vehicle assembly line. At my workplace, I do not feel any disadvantage due to my hearing disability and can engage in good communication with my coworkers. Through proactively taking on any challenges, I have developed trust and have been appointed a leader for kaizen activities. I will continue working to develop processes that are easy to handle for all workers, with or without disability. For further advancement, I request that the Company enhance assistance for various educational or qualification programs, such as sign language interpretation.

[Comment from supervisor]
: He is good at clearly communicating his opinions and plays a central role in the workplace, earning high trust from his coworkers. We use a whiteboard and other tools to communicate information correctly. To gain familiarity with sign language, all members use sign language to confirm a Quality Policy together once a week. I will support him in acquiring inhouse or public qualifications and improving his leadership capabilities.

Increasing the Employment and Range of Opportunities for Femail Employees

Onsite daycare center: Mazda Waku Waku Kids En
As part of the initiative to support the realization of a good work-life balance and diversity in the workplace, this daycare center was established for preschool children of employees. Nurses are permanently stationed and even available to look after sick children. (Established in April 2002)

Through enhancement of measures promoting work-life balance and other initiatives, Mazda is striving to cultivate a workplace in which women can work comfortably, with the ratio of female employees steadily increasing.
To further promote the opportunities for female employees and increase the number of female middle management and above to three times the figure as of March 31, 2014 by 2020, Mazda will draw up individual development plans for female candidates for middle and above management positions to support and promote their active participations.
Mazda supports the "Action Plans on Promotion of Women to Managerial and Board Position" by the Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren), and participates in it*5.

  • *5"Mazda Promoting Active Participation of Female Employees"

Promoting Re-Employment of the Elderly, and Passing on Expertise, Skills, and Know-How

Mazda is actively re-employing retired former employees to help them share their expertise, skills, and know-how with younger employees. Efforts are being made to create a work environment that is fulfilling yet able to balance work and personal life through measures such as reduced work hours and shorter days.
Starting in FY March 2014, Mazda has introduced a system to ensure the continued employment of all post-retirement employees who wish to continue working, in response to the revised Act for Stabilization etc. of Employment of Older Persons etc., which took effect in April 2013.

Limited-Term Employees in Manufacturing Operations

Mazda is implementing ongoing measures toward the achievement of a workplace in which limited-term employees can feel fulfilled with their work. A system has been put in place for limited-term employees who have worked for one year or more at Mazda in becoming full-time employees. In addition, limited-term employees who have worked for six months or more and had their contracts renewed can become members of the Mazda Workers' Union. Through these and other initiatives, the Company is cultivating a sense of oneness among employees with different employment styles as it aims to cultivate a vibrant environment where employees can enjoy their work.

Global Employment Opportunities

Mazda implements short- and medium-term human resource exchanges throughout the Group as a whole, through the Global PDC (Global Personnel Development Committee) and other measures, to enable a diverse range of employees to succeed on the global stage regardless of their country of origin or place of employment. Also, each of the overseas regions and other Group companies conducts a unique recruitment procedure in order to secure global and diverse human resources.


I will make high-quality cars surpassing customers' expectation in Mexico.

Everardo Lara Ruiz
Press Facility & Equipment Engineer Ld,
Mazda Mexico Vehicle Operation

I am in charge of repairs and maintenance on press dies in new plant of Mexico and took two weeks' training in Hiroshima Plant. I got conscious of the importance of safety and quality management and "Kaizen" increasing the efficiency and productivity, in addition to technical knowledge and experience in press dies manufacturing and repairing, using NC machining-centers. I would like to transmit this knowledge to the other members to make high-quality car surpassing customers' expectation as well as Hiroshima Plant.

Employee Data (as of March 31, 2014)
Number of Employees Average age Average years of employment
Production / medical Administrative / engineering
Non-consolidated Male 9,705 9,719 41.0 16.4
Female 634 1,220 36.0 13.0
40.5 16.1
Consolidated Total
- -
  • *The number of employees dispatched to other locations is included in the "Nonconsolidated" numbers.
FY March 2012 FY March 2013 FY March 2014
Number of female employees hired 118 124 95
Number of female managers
(assistant manager and above)
125 133 149
Number of female managers
(middle management and above)
21 21 20
Percentage of female managers*5
(assistant manager and above)
3.2% 3.4% 3.8%
Percentage of female managers*6
(middle management and above)
1.6% 1.6% 1.5%
Number of male managers
(middle management and above)
1,324 1,318 1,343
Number of workers aged 60 and over
(Expert Family)
1,381 1,084 1,240
Percentage of employees with special needs*7 1.93%
(Legal rate:1.8%)
(Legal rate:1.8%)
(Legal rate:2.0%)
Number of present employees with special needs*7 266 256 279
Average age of managers 50.2 50.9 51.1
Number of new graduates hired
(University, college and high school graduates)
male 412 415 133
female 85 101 50
  • *5Number of female managers (assistant manager or above)/Number of managers (assistant manager or above) (percentage of all managers).
  • *6Number of female managers (middle management and above)/Number of managers (middle management and above) (percentage of all managers).
  • *7Average number in each fiscal year.

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