Initiatives with Employees

Major Education and Training Programs

Name of education and training program Duration, frequency, etc. Target Objective Content of training Remarks
Management skill training When newly appointed Newly appointed senior managers, new band 5 employees (assistant manager level) To develop trainees' awareness and sense of responsibility as managers and urge them to acquire a company-wide perspective, thereby altering their mindset toward their own roles. Mazda Way, CSR, compliance, internal controls, personnel management, human rights, safety and health, etc.
Mazda Business Leader Development (MBLD) Once a year All Group employees in Japan and overseas Cultivation of business leaders who have a company-wide perspective To discuss the Company's current situation and future directions Commenced in 2000. In FY March 2014 program (MBLD #10), discussions were held company-wide (including Group companies) on the theme "Brand Value Management."
Global Leader Program (GLP) As needed Employees selected from Mazda Group companies around the world To hone skills in areas including leadership, broadness of vision, and the ability to think strategically, and train the next generation of business operators to take the lead in global business The program features practical activities such as communication with top business leaders, study at top regional universities around the world, and engagement as a team with management issues. Established in 2002 as The Leading Mazda 21 Program, it was updated in 2007 as the Global Leader Program (GLP).
Training by level As needed Administrative and engineering staff To encourage employees to reconfirm their roles at each level, and consider how they can help improve the organizational strength of the Company.
  • Training for third-year employees
  • Training for band 6 employees
  • Training through communication between departments for band 5 employees Each training program is designed to promote changes in the employees' ways of thinking, through group discussion among members from different departments.
Production Leader Training Program As needed Foreman/Assistant Foreman/Team Leader candidates To develop trainees' abilities to recognize and resolve problems, management improvement skills, and leadership capabilities and other skills required to work as a leader at each level.
  • Super leader training
  • Senior leader training
  • Team leader training
  • Junior leader training
WorldSkills Competition Training Program Two years per employee Selected employees in the production field who are under 21 years old
  • Systematic training of young engineers
  • Training participants to compete in the regional, national and international WorldSkills competitions
Employees are trained in special skills so as to participate the WorldSkills competition. Training is conducted by past high achievers at the WorldSkills competition.
Advanced Technical Skills Training course Two years per employee Selected highly skilled employees To preserve the advanced technical skills necessary for manufacturing and hand them down from one generation of craftspeople to the next Twenty-four courses comprising skills to pass on to new engineers are available in 13 fields: iron and casting, die casting, forging, powder alloys, heat treatment, machining, engine assembly, axle assembly, transmission assembly, press, chassis, painting, and vehicle assembly.
  • Inaugurated in FY March 1997
  • During the two-year program, one expert trains two apprentices
  • After completing the course, students are awarded the title of Production Engineering Meister and receive the Meister Badge.
Welding Skills Training Program As needed Welding technicians
  • To train technicians to compete in the regional and national competitions
  • To promote the growth of individual technicians, pass on skills within Mazda and raise standards
Specialized training is conducted with the goal of sending welding technicians to compete in the national championships.

WorldSkills Competition Results

FY March 2014 Results

  • The 51th National Annual WordSkills Competition
  • Silver medal in Autobody Repair: 1
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals in Sheet Metal Technology: 1of each
  • Medallion for Excellence in Turnery: 1
  • Bronze medal in Car Painting: 1

Cumulative Results since 1962

  • Number of contestants from Mazda: 472
  • International competition winners: 6
  • International competition prize recipients: 27
  • National competition winners: 37
  • National competition prize recipients: 195

Data Related to the Advanced Technical Skills Training Course

Cumulative Results since 1996

  • Number of employees completing the course: 127
  • Production Engineering Meisters: 60
  • Hiroshima Prefecture award winning skilled workers: 14
  • Contemporary Master Craftspeople: 13
  • Medal with Yellow Ribbon recipients: 12

Welding Skills Training Program

Cumulative Results since 1982

  • National competition winners: 8
  • Prize recipients: 29