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Tobiuo (Flying Fish) Human Resources System

Mazda uses the Tobiuo Human Resources System to provide the appropriate jobs and environments where each employee can demonstrate their best performance and to support their development and success. Specifically, a wide variety of human resource measures are actively deployed based on the system's three pillars of "Choice and Self-Accomplishment," "Promote Balance between Work and Life," and "Best Match of People, Work and Rewards."

The Three Pillars of Tobiuo

Choice and Self-Accomplishment

Mazda provides various opportunities for employees to take the initiative in setting their own growth and performance goals and doing their best to achieve them, so that ultimately, such efforts will bring great results to the company.

Career Meetings

At Mazda, opportunities for formal communication are provided for all employees through one-on-one career meetings between supervisors and their staff, held four times a year. The things that employees should do, the specific targets and broad goals expected by supervisors are combined with the employees' personal goals as well as the things they hope to, and can achieve, enabling supervisors and their staff to understand each other and proceed to set common targets. Based on the Mazda Way, they reflect on their work accomplishments and personal initiatives and efforts in order to encourage personal development and successful performance.
In addition, supervisors are required to take coaching training so that they can successfully motivate employees at these career meetings.

Main Themes of Career Meetings

Discussions to encourage personal development:
Confirm vision of future upon accomplishment of goals, determine abilities to refine through work and activities to undertake, monitor rate of improvement

Discussions to encourage performance:
Determine work-related targets, confirm progress toward meeting targets, share present and future issues

Ratio of career meetings held:
FY March 2014: 98% of all applicable employees

Competency Evaluation System

Mazda has established the Competency Evaluation System, in which the work attitude and behavior of administrative and engineering staff are evaluated once a year.
Based on the seven principles of the Mazda Way, a subjective evaluation is carried out to assess the work attitude and behavior that individual employees are expected to improve (competency evaluation items), from the employees' own perspectives and from the perspectives of their supervisors and subordinates/colleagues/partner companies (multi-dimensional feedback). Feedback on the evaluation results is given to employees by supervisors at the career meetings, at which they discuss future issues to be addressed.
The competency evaluation system is used as an effective tool for supporting employees' personal development and successful performance. The evaluation results are used as a reference for effective company-wide positioning of personnel.

OJT Coach System

Mazda has introduced the OJT (on-the-job-training) coach system for all new employees in administrative and engineering positions since FY March 2012. Typically a senior employee who shares a workplace with the new hire is assigned as an OJT coach providing the job related advices to each new hire. The purposes of this system are to train new employees, foster the coach's growth, and energize the workplace.



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