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Initiatives with Employees

Human Resources System


Career Challenge (In-House Recruitment / FA) System

In-house recruitment and the FA(free agent) system are available as a part of the career development assistance for employees.

In-house recruitment
A system where the Company releases details on occupational experience and skill requirements for the specific assignments so that the appropriate employees are able to apply for a particular job
FA (Free Agent) System
A system where employees release their abilities and career history via the FA Declaration in order to challenge the job in a different field of work or department using their accumulated skills and experience

Education and Training

Technical skills training program

Mazda offers a range of education and training programs to assist employees in developing their careers and improving their skills.
In particular, the Company offers a wide variety of technical skills enhancement programs to ensure that the Company's spirit of manufacturing innovation endures, to sustain the handing down of leading technologies and techniques to future generations, and to maintain its traditions and sense of passion.

Education/training results (coverage: Mazda Motor Corporation employees)
Average days of training per person 1.35days/year
Average training cost per person 13,845yen/year
Number of employees that received training 18,500employees/year
  • *Only conducted by the Mazda Education Center and MBLD programs (For MBLD, it is roughly estimated)

Mazda Technical College (Two-Year Course)

Mazda Technical College, approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, is an in-house education institution offering courses to high school graduates and selected employees in order to cultivate human resources that can play a central role in manufacturing at Mazda. Those who complete the two-year program are assigned to production and manufacturing related divisions, and thrive at various manufacturing sites and in a range of situations.

  • Number of present students: 90 (as of April 1st, 2014)
  • Total number of graduates (among present employees): 1,334 (from April 1988 through March 2014)

Best Match of People, Work and Rewards

Mazda has put in place a system to ensure that each employee understands their work evaluation results and ability level assessments, and feels that their growth and performance are appropriately reflected in their compensation.
Specifically, instead of using gender, age or years of service as criteria, employees are graded according to their ability level (production and medical staff) and work level (administrative and engineering staff), so that individual employee's performances are directly reflected in their base salaries and bonuses.

Average yearly salary (March 31, 2014)
Mazda Motor Corporation Average (male and female)

6,290,000 yen

Personnel Development Committees

Mazda is aiming to provide mid- to long-term training for employees to be leaders in every field of global business and ensure their optimal positioning and performance. Each area of business operations or each division periodically convenes a monthly meeting with management-level members.



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