Corporate Social Responsibility


Social & Environmental Report 2007

FY2006 Performance Report

PDF With Our Customers pages 19-24 [1,170KB]
PDF With Our Business Partners pages 25-28 [563KB]
PDF With Shareholders and Investors pages 29-30 [130KB]
PDF With Our Employees pages 31-34 [296KB]
PDF With Communities and Society pages 35-39 [817KB]

FY2006 Performance Report

PDF Environmental Management
Environmental Management System / Environmental Auditing / Environmental Incidents and Complaints and Compliance with Environmental Laws / Environmental Risk Management / Environmental Education
pages 45-46 [105KB]
PDF Environmental Accounting
The Costs of Environmental Protection / Environmental Protection Performance
pages 47-48 [92KB]
PDF Overview of Mazda's Corporate Activities and Impact on the Environment / LCA Measures pages 49-50 [225KB]
PDF "Mazda Green Plan 2010" Environmental mid-term plan pages 51-52 [105KB]
PDF Development
Cleaner Exhaust Emissions / Improved Fuel Economy / Minimizing Vehicle Weight / Reducing Vehicle Noise / Developing Alternative-Fuel Vehicles / Reducing the Use of Substances with Environmental Impact / Development for Vehicle Recycling
pages 53-58 [736KB]
PDF Production
Global Warming Prevention (Energy Conservation) / Reducing Waste / Controlling and Reducing Chemical Substances / Preventing Air and Water Pollution / Eliminating Sensory Pollution / Other Environmental Measures / Promoting Green Procurement
pages 59-62 [306KB]
PDF Logistics
Saving Energy and Resources in Logistics / Reducing Packaging and Wrapping Materials
pages 63-64 [223KB]
PDF Recycling End-of-life Vehicles
Promotion of Recycling based on the End-of-life Vehicle Recycling Law / Investigation and Research into ELV Recycling Technologies / Recovery of Bumpers and Use of Valuable Oil Resources Offices and Dealerships
Environmental Initiatives in Mazda's Offices / Environmental Conservation at Dealerships / Environmental Conservations at Parts DealersEnvironmental Communications
Raising Employee Environmental Awareness / Information Disclosure and Communication
pages 65-68 [419KB]
PDF Toward a Safe Automotive Society
Basic Stance on Safety / Passive Safety Technologies / Active Safety Technologies / Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
pages 69-72 [792KB]

PDF Environmental Data pages 73-77 [541KB]
PDF Third-Party Opinion pages 78 [74KB]
PDF Topics Referenced in GRI Guidelines pages 79-80 [89KB]

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