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Environmental Management
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Mazda's Corporate Activities and Impact on the Environment

Mazda tracks ecological data to help reduce the environmental impact of its corporate activities in all areas.

FY March 2014 Results

FY March 2014 Results
  • *1Energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and distribution volume are calculated using the heat coefficient and CO2 coefficient based on standards of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) (voluntary action plan). (For FY March 2014, the FY March 2013 coefficients are used.) Figures for consolidated subsidiaries and equity-method Group companies are prorated based on the percentage equity stake held by Mazda. CO2 emissions resulting from power consumption by overseas companies are calculated by applying the coefficient used in CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion (2013 Edition) published by International Energy Agency (IEA).
    Data collection period: April 2013 to March 2014
    Scope of data collection:Area A: Mazda Motor Corporation, 23 domestic and 11 overseas consolidated Group companies, and 9 domestic and 4 overseas equity-method Group companies
    Area B: Mazda Motor Corporation, 23 domestic consolidated Group companies and 9 domestic equity-method Group companies
    Aera C: Mazda Motor Corporation
  • *2CO2 emissions are calculated as 169 g-CO2/person-km for private automobiles, 18 g-CO2/person-km for railways, 48 g-CO2/person-km for buses, and 102 g-CO2/person-km for aircraft, based on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Transport Sector, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Source (Japanese language):http://www.mlit.go.jp/sogoseisaku/environment/sosei_environment_tk_000007.html
  • *3Scope 1: Direct emissions from consumption of fuels and in nidustrial processes, Scope 2: Emissions associated with consumption of purchased heat/electricity (indirect emissions from energy consumption)
  • *4Scope 3: Other indirect emissions (Based on Mazda's own calculation method in compliance with the Basic Guidelines on Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Throughout the Supply Chain Ver 2.1)
    Category 8: Upstream leased assets, Category 13: Downstream leased assets are included in the greenhouse gas emissions in plants and offices.
    Category 10: Processing of sold products is omitted because emsision volume is very small. Category 14: Franchises are omitted because Mazda has no franchise system.
    Category 15: Investments, for group companies, are included in the greenhouse gas emissions in plants and offices.

Period of Data Collection
FY March 2014 (April 2013 - March 2014)
Scope of Data Collection
Mazda Motor Corporation
Hiroshima Head Office, Hiroshima Plant, Miyoshi Plant, Hofu Plant (Nishinoura district), Hofu Plant (Nakanoseki district), Tokyo Office, Osaka Fleet Sales Gr., Mazda R&D Center Yokohama, Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground, Hokkaido Nakasatsunai Proving Ground, Mine Proving Ground, Parts Centers (2 sites), Mazda Technical Service Centers (6 sites), Mazda Training Centers (2 sites), Saka Studio, Mazda Education Center, Mazda Hospital
Consolidated Group companies
23 domestic companies

Manufacturing companies: Mazda Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., KURASHIKI KAKO Co., Ltd., Mazda Logistics Co., Ltd., Mazda Ace Co., Ltd., Sales companies: Hakodate Mazda CO., Ltd., Tohoku Mazda Co., Ltd., Fukushima Mazda Co., Ltd., Kita-Kanto Mazda Co., Ltd., Koushin Mazda Co., Ltd., Kanto Mazda Co., Ltd., Shizuoka Mazda Co., Ltd., Tokai Mazda Sales Co., Ltd., Hokuriku Mazda Co., Ltd., Keiji Mazda Co., Ltd., Kansai Mazda Co., Ltd., Nishi-Shikoku Mazda Co., Ltd., Kyushu Mazda Co., Ltd., Minami-Kyushu Mazda Co., Ltd., Okinawa Mazda Sales Co., Ltd., Mazda Autozam, Mazda Chuhan Co., Ltd., Mazda Motor International Parts sales company: Mazda Parts Co., Ltd.

11 overseas companies
Compañía Colombiana Automotriz S.A., Mazda Motor of America, Inc., Mazda Canada, Inc, Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd., Mazda Australia Pty. Ltd., Mazda Motors of New Zealand Ltd., PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH, Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH, Mazda Motor Russia.000, Mazda Motors UK Ltd.
Equity-Method Group Companies
9 domestic companies
Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd., Yoshiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan Climate Systems Corporation, MCM Energy Service Co., Ltd., Mazda Processing Chugoku Co., Ltd., Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC, SMM Auto Finance, Inc., Mazda Parts Sales Hiroshima Co., Ltd., Mazda Parts Sales Nishi-Kyushu Co., Ltd.
4 overseas companies
AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd., Changan Ford Mazda Engines Co., Ltd., FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd.