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Environmental Education/Education Program Structure

Mazda conducts environmental education as part of its EMS and encourages employees to obtain environment-related public qualifications such as those listed.
In addition, Mazda offers support for employees working toward these qualifications, including financial support through the Mazda Flex Benefit program.

Qualifications that Employees Are Encouraged to Obtain:
  • Energy attorney
  • Head supervisor of pollution control
  • Supervisor of air pollution control
  • Supervisor of dust and particulate pollution control
  • Supervisor of water pollution control
  • Supervisor of noise- and vibration-related pollution control
  • Special managing supervisor in charge of industrial waste disposal
  • ec Eco Test
  • 3Rs & Low-Carbon Society Test
  • Environmental Planner
  • Eco leader
Environmental Education Structure
Unit: person(s)
Number of Employees Receiving Environmental Education
FY March 2010 FY March 2011 FY March 2012 FY March 2013 FY March 2014
Managers 76 90 68 52 70
Section managers 118 130 163 137 163
Foremen 86 44 54 87 86
New employees 705 360 499 701 386
  • *In addition to the above, environmental education is provided to general employees in each department.

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