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Environmental Management System

Mazda is promoting the establishment of environmental management systems (EMS) across its entire supply chain and in all Group companies. The purpose of the EMS is to carry out more environmentally conscious business activities in a more effective manner, based on ISO 14001 and other standards.

Progress Status

  • 14 Group manufacturing companies in Japan and overseas have now acquired ISO 14001 certification.
  • Mazda is progressively certifying all dealerships in Japan under EcoAction 21 (EA21)*1, an environmental management system (As of March 2014, 31 dealerships of the Mazda/Mazda Enfini sales channel, 30 dealerships of the Mazda Autozam sales channel, and Mazda Chuhan, a used car sales company, have been certified).
  • Mazda has completed introduction of an exclusive Mazda EMS to three Mazda Group vehicle parts companies in Japan.
  • *1Simplified EMS established by the Ministry of the Environment, for application at companies of various scales, such as small-to-medium sized companies.

Promoting Green Purchasing

With the aim of reducing the environmental burden throughout its entire supply chain, Mazda engages in operation activities in compliance with the "Mazda Green Purchasing Guidelines," revised in July 2010.
These guidelines require all of its suppliers worldwide to undertake measures to reduce their burden on the environment, at all stages from product development to manufacturing and delivery. The guidelines also make it clear that Mazda will give preference in purchasing to suppliers who implement such environmental measures.
Mazda also requires its suppliers of parts, materials, and industrial equipment and tools to obtain and maintain ISO 14001 certification, and the Company promotes environmental activities in collaboration with its suppliers by providing them with information and other assistance.
Currently, all major suppliers involved in Mazda vehicle development and manufacturing have obtained ISO 14001 certification.

Status of Establishment of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) at Suppliers

  • All major suppliers with which the Company has ongoing business relationships (approx. 400 companies) have maintained certification as of the end of FY March 2014.
  • 100% of major suppliers, including new suppliers, continue to maintain certification.
  • Under the Mazda Green Purchasing Guidelines, Mazda requires, through primary suppliers, secondary suppliers to establish EMS.

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