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Reducing Paper Use

Mazda continually endeavors to reduce the amount of paper used for office work through the digitization of documents, ledger sheets, and other forms, as well as through the use of projectors and monitors at meetings, etc. As part of its recycling efforts, the Company also reuses waste paper (shredder dust) as packaging material for shipping parts, and is increasing efforts to separate the collection of waste paper by type during disposal.

Reducing Energy Use

Through regular initiatives, including purchasing of low power-consumption office equipment and furniture, and turning off lights and computers when they are not in use, Mazda makes continual efforts to reduce energy use.
Furthermore, Mazda implements a "Cool Biz" program during the summer season every year, setting internal room temperatures at 28℃ (82.4℉) on a standard basis.
During the winter season when electricity consumption is particularly high, energy-saving measures are implemented through adjustment of air conditioning systems (heating set at 20℃, or 68℉), lighting, office automation equipment, etc.

Use of Renewable Energy

Mazda uses renewable energy sources*1 as follows.

  • At the Hofu Plant, solar-powered units have been introduced in some corridor lighting.
  • A 30 kW solar power system is installed on the roof of the radio wave experiment building of the Miyoshi Office. Electricity generated by this system is used as power and lighting for the building, thereby continuously contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • For Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, for which Mazda has acquired naming rights as "Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima," in FY March 2014 approx. 70 tons of CO2 emitted when generating 139,000 kWh of electricity for illuminating night games were offset using the forest absorption credits of Hiroshima Prefecture (Hiroshima Prefecture Forestry J-VER).
    In FY March 2015, Mazda offset approx. 105 tons of CO2 emitted when generating 156,000 kWh of electricity for illuminating night games using the Hiroshima Prefectural Foresty J-VER program.
  • Mazda supplied green electricity to illuminate the night games of the Mazda All-Star Games 2013 (presented by Japan's 12 professional baseball teams), of which Mazda was the main sponsor. The green electricity was provided using the Tradable Green Certificates System.
  • Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation (MMVO) in Mexico installed a total of 246 units of outdoor lighting that combines solar power and LEDs on sidewalks and in parking lots. In FY March 2014, around 30 MWh of renewable energy were used (for four months).
  • *1Refers to natural energy sources that can be used continuously without being depleted, such as electricity generation using solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric or biomass power, or direct solar heating. These types of energy generate zero or negligible CO2 emissions.

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