Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Offering Higher Fuel Efficiency,Cleaner Exhaust Emissions and Mazda's

3.Fulfilling Our Corporate Social Responsibility by Making Fun-to-drive Cars

The DISI engine development team

The DISI engine development team

In February 2006, Mazda introduced the Masatoshi Shirane all-new Mazda MPV minivan, fully remodeled for the first time in seven years. This model was equipped with the MZR 2.3L DISI TURBO engine, tuned especially for the MPV. Since going on sale in 1990 as Japan's first genuine minivan, the Mazda MPV has captured a leading share of the domestic market. The downsized DISI TURBO on this model is indicative of Mazda's policy for future vehicle manufacture. Meeting the SU-LEV standards, the vehicle offers top class environmental performance as well as power and acceleration on a par with 3.5-liter engines. The all-new Mazda MPV will substantially change traditional notions of minivans and play a key role in Mazda's future.

Mazda are incorporating the DISI TURBO engine into other types of vehicles as well. Examples are the Mazda CX-7, a new crossover SUV that went on sale in the North American market in summer of 2006, and the Mazdaspeed3 (known as Mazdaspeed Axela in Japan and Mazda3 MPS in other key regions, including Europe, Australia and New Zealand).

Zoom-Zoom describes the love of motion experienced as a child. Starting from this concept, we intend to continue reducing the environmental impact of our vehicles while maintaining the fun-to-drive quality. In this way, we believe we can deliver Mazda's unique value and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Hidetoshi Kudou
Staff Manager
Engine Testing and Research Department

Hidetoshi Kudou Staff ManagerEngine Testing and Research Department

I Was Inspired by a Customer's Comment, "I Would Like to Thank the Developers for All Their Efforts"

Development of the DISI engine with an eye to commercialization began nearly 10 years ago. Even though we knew the DISI had excellent potential, we had to overcome many technical hurdles to make the performance worthy of the cost. Incorporating the turbo enabled us to deliver a product we could be satisfied with in terms of output, as well as fuel efficiency and clean exhaust emissions.

Naturally I am pleased that we succeeded in commercializing the engine, but what makes me even happier is to feel that it exceeds customers'expectations. "What an excellent engine—both powerful and easy to service! I would like to thank the developers for all their efforts." Reading this customer comment on our website brought tears of joy to my eyes. Customers have truly understood our design intention, making the 10 years I spent working away with my colleagues all the more worthwhile.

Masatoshi Shirane
Shop Manager,
Yagi Shop
Mazda Nara Co., Ltd.

Masatoshi Shirane Shop Manager,Yagi Shop Mazda Nara Co., Ltd.

Almost Every Customer Who Takes a Testdrive Is Amazed at How the Vehicle Delivers Above Expectations

Before the all-new Mazda MPV went on sale, I went to a test track in Hyogo Prefecture (Japan) to take part in a Mazda-sponsored test drive. Other manufacturers' vehicles in the same class were lined up there, and we took each round one lap of the course. I was amazed at the substantial difference in vehicles. I have some mechanical experience, so I tend to check out the performance details. I was impressed at the level of perfection everywhere I looked, even in terms of operating noise and engine vibration.

Nearly all the customers who take the MPV for a test drive at our shop are pleasantly surprised. They all say that it exceeds their expectations for driving comfort. I hope Mazda will run more commercials featuring this model so that more people will think, "I'd like to take that for a drive."

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