Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

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New Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid in Development

Mazda is developing new variants of vehicles that use the hydrogen rotary engine, such as the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid, based on the practical development of the RX-8 Hydrogen RE's hydrogen rotary engine. The Premac Hydrogen RE Hybrid concept vehicle was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005. It combines a dual-fuel system that could run on either gasoline or hydrogen with a hybrid system.

Mazda is currently progressing with the development of this concept car as the new Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid and is planning to start commercial leasing in FY2008. The new model uses a new hybrid system, offering greatly enhanced performance and driving range and - as a hybrid vehicle - the stronger torque feel adds to the Zoom-Zoom driving experience.

Implementing Technologies to Reduce Environmental Impact

The new Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid employs the results of the latest wide-ranging R&D in an effort to achieve superior environmental performance. For example, plant-derived plastics are used in injection-molded parts of the cabin, such as the gearshift panel and front console, and we are considering the use of a new material derived from 100% plant matter in the seat fabric and door trim. (Please see page 'Reducing the Use of Environmental Substances of Concern' for details.) Also, car parts made from resin . such as the vehicle bumpers - are made from recycled plastics collected from damaged bumpers.
Across the board, Mazda has made a considerable effort to reduce the use of oil resources.

Mazda is committed to the future development of the hydrogen rotary engine as a key fuel and technology, and accepts the challenge of aiming for a balance between motoring pleasure and environmental and safety imperatives as we drive toward attaining sustainable Zoom-Zoom.

image: Implementing Technologies to Reduce Environmental Impact

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