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Fully Incorporating SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, the Mazda CX-5 Offers Driving Pleasure as well as Outstanding Environmental and Safety Performance.

 Engineer'S VOICE

We Aimed to Design a Vehicle that would Go Beyond the Customers' Expectations in Every Aspect including Advanced Driving Pleasure.

Hideaki Tanaka

Hideaki TanakaCX-5 Program
Manager, Product Division
Mazda Motor Corporation

The CX-5 is the first vehicle that fully incorporates the SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. When I took the post of Program Manager of the vehicle, I first made up my mind to definitely achieve success with this model. Based on my rich experiences in developing many vehicles, I made a presentation to the program team members about product concepts to enable them to understand the vision to be realized by the CX-5 and the values we should offer to impress our customers. The concepts were a profound vehicle that customers could continue using for many years with confidence and pride and a vehicle that would surpass customer expectations in every feature. The more standard the feature, the greater the impact will be on customers if the feature goes beyond their expectations. Naturally, I pursued this ideal without any compromise on ride and passenger comfort, feeling of security, and reinforcement of safety devices*1. The tasks of a program manager resemble those of an orchestra conductor. An assembly of superb artists does not always lead to a wonderful musical performance. Vehicle development is no different. You can create an impressive vehicle only when you succeed in listening to the opinions of engineers working at both domestic and overseas regions, align their directions, and harmonize them. As a result of these efforts, I believe, we were able to realize the initial product concepts for our customers.

We aimed to offer four values with the CX-5, which are associated with Mazda's three personality-category elements established as the Company's brand DNA, defined as stylish, insightful, and spirited, plus sustainability. We offer customers a vehicle with four values: a stylish vehicle (stylish), useful features (insightful), predictable and responsive driving (spirited), and a vehicle owners can enjoy for many years (sustainable). A truly sustainable vehicle needs to meet a great variety of needs. Of course, it must achieve high fuel efficiency and low emissions, but any time you travel in a car you necessarily expend some of the earth precious resources. A truly sustainable vehicle must also provide a degree of fun and enjoyment to the driver and passengers which makes that expenditure worthwhile.
I believe that achieving this delicate balance is Mazda's responsibility, and, in this sense, refining the "Zoom-Zoom" message will lead to sustainability. The CX-5 has been completed as a vehicle precisely embodying the vision of "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom".

We develop, produce and deliver vehicles that make our customers smile. We will be filled with the greatest pleasure when our customers smile every time with choosing, driving and using the CX-5 for many years. I hope the CX-5 will be a vehicle that creates many enjoyable hours, not just a means of transportation continually provides pleasure to our customers. I am committed to achieving innovations in Mazda for driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance for greater customer confidence.

Four Pleasure from Mazda CX-5

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