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Fully Incorporating SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, the Mazda CX-5 Offers Driving Pleasure as well as Outstanding Environmental and Safety Performance.


The CX-5 is sporty, elegant and very comfortable to drive. Ninety percent of my driving is in the city, and with the new SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY the car is very fuel efficient.
The responsive torque and excellent fuel efficiency of this car make driving fun.
It makes me feel like taking a trip every day.
The CX-5 doesn't make me feel tired and lets me refresh myself everytime.
We wanted a car with a higher seat position but not as bulky as a typical 4WD, low emissions, and good fuel consumption.
We love the stylish lines, technology, color, and general feel of the CX-5. It is easy and comfortable to drive!
The CX-5 is stylish and powerful, with excellent handling, and exceptional fuel efficiency. In addition, it's easy to get a feeling of the car's width.
It is comfortable, simple to drive, agile, economical, and very nice looking.
It incorporates comfort, safety, and technology, giving me a unique driving feel like in a sport car rather than in an SUV.
The acceleration of the SKYACTIV diesel engine in combination with the automatic transmission is absolutely fantastic!
I feel a lot more assured while driving due to the many safety devices and highly rigid body.
This is the best car I've ever had, with no compromise between low fuel consumption and driving comfort and joy.
  • *Japanese customers:Cited from CX-5 Driver's Voice on the Mazda Official Website. *Japanese only
  • *Overseas customers (UK, Germany and Chile): Comments from CX-5 users heard through distributors.

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