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Long-Term Vision for Technology Development "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom"

Basic Policy

Provide All Customers who Purchase Mazda Vehicles with Driving Pleasure as well as Outstanding Environmental and Safety Performance.
Zoom-Zoom Tree

"The Zoom-Zoom tree" embodies the Zoom-Zoom concept and its spread throughout society. The tree absorbs the "ONE MAZDA" corporate culture as nutrients through firmly planted roots. As it continues to grow, the left branch represents the environment, the right branch represents safety, and the treetop embodies the Zoom-Zoom concept.

In March 2007, Mazda announced its long-term vision for technology development: "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom." The basic policy of the vision is to "provide all customers who purchase Mazda vehicles with driving pleasure as well as outstanding environmental and safety performance."

This vision commits Mazda to making vehicles that always excite and that embody a "Zoom-Zoom" feeling, meaning they look inviting to drive, are fun to drive and make you want to drive them again, helping to achieve an exciting, sustainable future for vehicles, people, and the Earth.

In FY March 2013, Mazda took big steps forward both in terms of the environment and in terms of safety. Global deployment of vehicles featuring SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY began in earnest and a series of advanced safety technologies named i-ACTIVSENSE was introduced.

Mazda's Environmental/Safety Initiatives

Approach to Environmental Technologies

Even in 2020, Mazda expects that the world's key energy sources will continue to be mainly petroleum based and that the majority of vehicles will still be powered by internal combustion engines.

Anticipated Expansion in Adoption of Environmental Technologies
Graphic representation of global market share of powertrain technologies
Anticipated Expansion in Adoption of Environmental Technologies Graphic representation of global market share of powertrain technologies

With this outlook, Mazda is working on the comprehensive improvement of base technologies using SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and promoting its Building-Block Strategy in order to meet its goal of raising the average fuel economy of Mazda vehicles sold worldwide by 30% by 2015 compared with 2008 levels.

Building-Block Strategy
Building-Block Strategy

Approach to Safety Technologies

Mazda Proactive Safety

Mazda's safety philosophy, which guides the research and development of safety technologies, is based on understanding, respecting and trusting the driver. To drive safely it is essential to recognize potential hazards, exercise good judgment and operate the vehicle in an appropriate fashion. Mazda aims to support these essential functions so that drivers can drive safely and with peace of mind, despite changing driving conditions.

Since drivers are human beings, and human beings are fallible, Mazda offers a range of technologies which help to prevent or reduce the damage resulting from an accident.

what Mazda's safety technologies aim to provide

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