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Initiatives in Vehicles

What Mazda's safety technologies aim to provide

In March 2007, Mazda announced its long-term vision for technology development: "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom." The basic policy of the vision is to "provide all customers who purchase Mazda vehicles with driving pleasure as well as outstanding environmental and safety performance." In the safety aspect, Mazda promotes initiatives under the philosophy below.
In FY March 2014, Mazda's safety performance earned the highest rating globally.

Safty performance evaluations (As of July 31,2014)
  CX-5 Atenza/Mazda6 New Axela/Mazda3
Japan JNCAP*1
Five-Star Award
FY March 2013 FY March 2014
(Not evaluated)
model year
model year
model year
Top Safety Pick+
2014 2014 2014
Europe Euro NCAP*4
2012 2013 2013
  • *1Japan New Car Assessment Program: Vehicle collision safety performance evaluations conducted by the National Agency of Automotive Safety and Victims' Aid.
    The highest possible safety rating: Five Star Award
  • *2National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 5-Star Safety Ratings program.
    The highest possible safety rating: 5-Star
  • *3Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: Collision safety performance evaluations by an independent, nonprofit organization funded by auto insurers.
    The highest possible safety rating: Top Safety Pick + (Plus)
  • *4European New Car Assessment Programme: An independent agency comprised of the transport authorities of European countries, etc. It has awarded automotive crash safety ratings since 1997.
    The highest possible safety rating: 5-Star

Mazda Proactive Safety: Mazda's Safety Philosophy

Mazda's safety philosophy, which guides the research and development of safety technologies, is based on understanding, respecting and trusting the driver.

To drive safely, it is essential to act in an appropriate fashion in each step of recognition, judgment and operation. Mazda aims to support these essential functions so that drivers can drive safely and with peace of mind, despite changing driving conditions.
Since drivers are human beings, and thus fallible, Mazda offers a range of technologies which help to prevent or reduce the damage resulting from an accident.

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