Safety Initiatives

Initiatives with People

Initiatives with People

Mazda endeavors to raise safety awareness among adults and children alike through safety-related exhibitions at the Mazda Museum in the Hiroshima Head Office, the "Kids' Quiz on Traffic Safety" website for children, and other projects.
In FY March 2014, Mazda held various events to promote understanding of Mazda's safety technologies, including the event at the Mazda R&D Center Yokohama(MRY), titled "Sustainable 'Zoom-Zoom' Forum 2014 — Satisfying both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance" in March 2014.
In May 2013, Mazda also participated in an event*1 concerning safety held in Tokyo and Hiroshima by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the National Agency for Automotive Safety and Victims' Aid, to exhibit vehicles used for collision tests and explain vehicle safety performance for the drivers visiting the event.

Sustainable 'Zoom-Zoom' Forum 2014


Child Safety- & Security- Conscious Automotive Technologies Win Prime Minister's Award at 8th Kids Design Awards*1

8th Kids Design Awards

"Mazda Technology for Kids" won the highest-ranking award (Prime Minister Award) at the 8th Kids Design Awards. It is the first time the award has been given for automotive technologies.
The award recognized four technologies adopted in Mazda's new-generation products, including CX-5.

  • The configuration of the "A" pillars (the structural supports at either end of the windshield) and the door mirrors broadens the forward field of vision, making it easier for drivers to see children
  • Side monitors that reduce the risk of accidents involving children
  • Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM) that supports the acquisition of smooth driving technique, reducing the likelihood of children suffering from car sickness
  • Advanced keyless entry system that avoids the engine being started in error by children
  • *1Hosted by Kids Design Association, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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