Safety Initiatives

Safety Initiatives

Preventing collisions through advanced safety technologies in the belief that every life matters

2.Activation Only in Emergencies

System Diagram

The System in Operation

The Mazda Pre-crash Safety System uses a radar sensor mounted toward the front of the car to monitor the vehicle ahead, oncoming vehicles and other obstacles. If a potential collision is detected, a warning is given via a buzzer and a light. If the driver fails to take an appropriate evasive action, just before collision the brakes are applied automatically to reduce speed. In addition, the seatbelts are pre-tensioned to minimize the slack in the seatbelt webbing and restrain the occupants even more effectively.
The difficulty is in assessing when a situation is dangerous and necessitates a warning. Road conditions are diverse, as are driving styles. On the open road, brakes are rarely used, but in busy streets, drivers have to continually apply them. Drivers also have different concepts of a safe distance from the car in front. Consequently, conditions that appear safe on one road may be dangerous on another, similarly for different drivers. If a warning consistently goes on when conditions are safe, the credibility of the system will be undermined, which may ultimately lead drivers to ignore valid danger warnings.
Mazda simulated conditions in various markets and established more than 200 verification parameters to help the system operate appropriately. We selected situations where accidents were likely to occur under diverse driving conditions, spanning urban and suburban roads, national highways, mountainous routes, extremely cold areas such as Hokkaido, and in the heavy snowfalls of Hokuriku. We repeated the verification on-site under these local conditions. After this, we conducted crash simulation tests to fine tune the system operation. Two timing levels were established for warnings which can be selected to suit the driver and road conditions. Through these processes, Mazda has created a highly reliable system, which generates alarms only when necessary, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries, and reduces injuries when an impact is unavoidable.
No matter how many resources we pour into Mazda's Pre-crash Safety System, it is of no use unless it is used. To this end, Mazda hosted a test drive event for journalists, showcasing a car fitted with various cutting-edge equipment, including the Mazda Pre-crash Safety System. The trials, which highlighted features such as detection of approaching obstacles and crash simulations, gained acclaim for the system: "The timing of the warnings is truly useful" and The warnings give enough time to steer to avoid collisions.
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