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Miyoshi Plant (Hiroshima Prefecture)

Person in charge of promoting social contribution at Miyoshi Plant
Masanori Matsuura
Miyoshi Plant

The Miyoshi Plant, located in Miyoshi City in northern Hiroshima Prefecture, comprises a comprehensive vehicle proving ground and an engine plant. Since its opening in 1965, the Miyoshi Plant has placed particular focus on community contribution to meet the community's needs, working in close cooperation with Mazda Group companies in northern Hiroshima Prefecture.

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Hosting Tours of the Engine Plant

Human resources



To promote children's education and community interaction


Intern accepted at the engine plant

The Miyoshi Plant offers tours of its engine plant, helping to augment the social studies curriculums in elementary and junior high schools. Also, the Miyoshi Plant accepts interns from local schools and administrative agencies to help develop human resources in the local community.

FY March 2014 Results

  • Approximately 320 people, primarily elementary and junior high school students, toured the Miyoshi Engine Plant.
  • The Miyoshi Plant accepted six interns, including local high school students.

Participation in Community Events and Cleanups




To contribute to community revitalization through active participation in representative community events and community cleanups


Jointly with Mazda Group companies in Miyoshi, the Miyoshi Plant participates in community events and cleanups, helping revitalize communities, while deepening exchange with local residents. Moreover, as a corporate member of the Miyoshi City Tourist Association and the Miyoshi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Miyoshi Plant provides support for organizing events.

FY March 2014 Results

The Miyoshi Plant participated in the following events together with Mazda Group companies in Miyoshi.

  • April: A booth was set up at the Miyoshi Cherry Blossom Festival held in Ozekiyama Park (highlighted by a display of Mazda vehicles and the distribution of balloons and snacks to children).
  • May: Around 70 people participated in the combined cleanup of the cormorant fishing pier (the cleanup was carried out jointly by companies and organizations in Miyoshi City, in advance of June 1, when the cormorant fishing season began).
  • July: Volunteers participated in the Miyoshi Citizens' Summer Evening Fireworks Festival.
  • July: Around 100 members organized a parade team with Mazda vehicles, and joined the Miyoshi Kinsai Festival.
  • October: A booth was exhibited at the Miyoshi Commerce and Industry Festival (featuring the display of Mazda vehicles and panels about the Company's environmental protection initiatives, and distribution of balloons to children).
  • March: Around 60 people participated in the combined cleanup of Ozekiyama Park (the cleanup was carried out jointly by companies and organizations in Miyoshi City prior to the Miyoshi Cherry Blossom Festival).
SKYACTIV technology and Demio (Mazda 2 overseas) EV introduced
Cleanup of Ozekiyama Park to welcome tourists

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