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Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MME
Feride Iseni
Coordinator Asset Creation, Communications

Making use of Mazda's wide-reaching network, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH (MME) and national sales companies in Europe employ the "ONE MAZDA" approach and have carried out far-reaching activities rooted in local communities. In order to help make children happier, Mazda has focused on supporting children in Europe including the improvement of their mobility. Mazda Motor Logistics Europe N.V. (MLE: Willebroek, Belgium), which is the regional logistics office in Europe and MME's European R&D Centre (MRE: Oberursel, Germany) have been participating in the activities.

Working with SOS Children's Villages (Pan-European)

Human resources



To support the activities to care for and protect children who are unable to live with their own families in Europe


MME and many national sales companies in Europe have been working with SOS Children's Villages in their respective countries. SOS Children's Villages is a worldwide organization that enables orphaned children to have a loving home with parents or caregivers. At each of the participating national sales companies, one "ambassador" (local project coordinator) is chosen from the employees to lead charitable activities in each country. As Mazda's unique approach, MME and the sales companies also support vehicle transportation and volunteering by their employees.

FY March 2014 Results

Pan-European: Mazda Motor Europe GmbH (MME)

  • MME employees supported SOS Children's Villages generally by selling Christmas and greeting cards and setting donation boxes in the canteen. In May, MME organized a warehouse sale for employees with the purpose to collect money for a Romanian SOS Children's Village by selling old written off left-over PR merchandise. Including the other two European organizations, MLE and MRE, doing the same activity, the collected money eventually reached an unprecedented level. Everyone had fun and a lot of money was raised for a good cause.
  • In February and March, about 50 employees helped to paint the Kindergarten that was run by SOS Children's village in Dusseldorf Garath. The building needed renovation and MME did not only donate the paint, but also the painters. The Kindergarten was painted room by room over 10 days and the kids enjoyed watching MME employees painting their rooms. The teams also helped with the gardening around the Kindergarten.
Donation from MME after warehouse sale
MME: Painting Crew 2014

Germany: Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH (MMD)

  • MMD: Mazda5 donation for SOS
    Supported the German wide celebrated Girl's Day to promote technical jobs to girls. In March, while the Mazda5 handover ceremony was done, about 10 girls from the area of MMD visited the premises at the Girl's Day and joined technical presentations e.g. how does an engine or a gear box work, to encourage them to join a technical career. Every year, technical enterprises with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities, and research centers are invited to organize an open day for girls.
  • Donated a kitchen for the new SOS Children's Village house in Dusseldorf Garath that is opening in summer of 2014. Additionally the new family with five kids received a new Mazda5. The cooperation with SOS Children's Village in Dusseldorf started three years ago and is built on mutual trust.

Austria: Mazda Austria GmbH (MAG)

Austria: Summer party
  • Has supported SOS Children's Village in an ongoing partnership with two facilities of the organization in Moosburg for six years. In June, MAG employees helped with the gardening of SOS Children's Village Moosburg, and the children of MAG's sponsored house received presents for Christmas. Additionally, employees helped the yearly summer celebration. At a "design workshop" with the motto "Be creative & color that car!" the kids had an opportunity to have fun, express themselves and come up with their very own design for a Mazda2.
  • MAG also has been supporting MoFa (mobile family support program) of SOS Children's Village since 2011 with free usage of four Mazda2.

Portugal: Mazda Motor Portugal Lda. (MMP)

Portugal: Cars lent
  • Continued to support SOS Children's Village by lending two Mazda3 for a period of six months (renewed from the previous year) in order to increase their mobility capabilities.

Spain: Mazda Automobiles Espana, S.A. (MAE)

Spain: Students visiting Mazda
  • Continued support for donation of money for every Mazda car sold in Spain for the SOS Children's Village's project "por un millon de BSOS" campaign*1, aiming to help 20,000 children.
  • Supported SOS Children's Village by donating money, and lending two Mazda5 to transport children to school for a period of one year (renewed from the past two years).
  • Donated an engine to students of mechanic, second-hand computers and phones of the company to the organization. MAE arranged a conference with students of mechanic with employees of the aftersales department, and arranged student internships at Mazda dealers in Madrid.
  • *1The campaign is aimed at one million donations. One Mazda car sold means one donation (one kiss), done by Mazda. Its name is a play with the words "besos" (Spanish for kiss) and SOS.

Croatia: Mazda Motor Croatia d.o.o. (MMC)

Croatia: Origami workshop
  • Sponsored the maintenance costs (water, electricity, gas, etc.) for one house in the SOS Children's Village Lekenik.
  • In February, MMC organized a two hours Origami*2 workshop with the children in the school of the Village, led by one of the best Origami experts in Croatia. The Children fully enjoyed folding and were very interested in the Japanese culture.
  • *2One of the traditional Japanese plays that makes animals and plants, and housewares by just folding papers.

Supporting the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates (Pan-European)

Human resources



To support activities trying to make the world a better place

Initiatives/FY March 2014 Results

MME sponsored the Annual World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates as the exclusive automotive leading partner, and led a session for aspiring future leaders in 2013.
Mazda provided Mazda6 and CX-5 models as official means of transportation at the 13th summit in Warsaw, Poland, on October 21-23, and launched the annual "Mazda Make Things Better Award". The award was conceived by Mazda together with the Lech Walesa Institute's Civic Academy, providing young influencers with the opportunity to voice their ideas to decision-makers. More than 120 applicants submitted award proposals at the summit.
The student from Finland, who won the competition, received the trophy at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March. The cash prize will be used for the funds for a radio campaign aimed at preventing firearms violence in Africa.

World Summit 2013
Mazda Make Things Better Award Ceremony at Geneva Motor Show 2014

Bringing People Together Across Borders: A Noh Performance in Switzerland



To support a Noh*3 costume exhibition as a Switzerland - Japan cultural exchange program

Initiatives/FY March 2014 Results

Display of CX-5

Mazda sponsored a Noh costume exhibition from March (through March 2015) with Mazda dealer in St. Gallen. They exposed two cars (CX-5 and Mazda3), and the range brochures they edited were also provided to visitors. This activity helped many people to understand different culture.

  • *3Noh is a traditional Japanese form of drama

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