Social Contribution Initiatives

Major Overseas Activities


Environment:Initiatives contributing to environmental protection/Safety:Initiatives contributing to traffic safety/Human resources:Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation/Community:Community-based initiatives/Mazda Foundation:Initiatives via Mazda Foundation
Person in charge of promoting social contributions at PTMMI
Astrid Ariani Wijana
Marketing Senior Manager Marketing & Sales

PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia (PTMMI) is supporting various activities that meet the needs of the local communities.

Support for Young and Vibrant Designers

Human resources



To support young generations who have talent for fashion design


PTMMI has started to support young and vibrant designers for their participating and presenting at "Jakarta Fashion Week", an international scale fashion event.

FY March 2014 Results

Presentation at Jakarta Fashion Week

PTMMI chose three young designers and supported them to create design representing "KODO: SOUL of MOTION" in their design. They were able to present their design at Jakarta Fashion Week, in October.

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