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Doreen Mashinini
Person in charge of promoting social contributions at FMCSA
Doreen MashininiMazda Marketing Manager

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA), Mazda's distributor in the country, nurtures South Africa's wildlife through the Mazda Wildlife Fund (MWF).

Mazda Wildlife Fund (MWF)




To protect and preserve South Africa's rich and irreplaceable wildlife heritage for generations to come


MWF currently supports 29 non-government and non-profit organization projects with 30 vehicles, working for environmental conservation, research and education. The vehicles are maintained by Mazda dealers with all service and normal maintenance costs paid by the Fund.

FY March 2013 Results

MWF continued to support the annual Sunset Serenade, which took place in September 2012. The event, staged at the Kruger National Park, aimed to highlight the important and prominent work done by the Honorary Rangers of the Counter Poaching, Veterinary Wildlife and Ranger Support Services.

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