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Jackie Song
Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MT
Jackie SongMarketing Communication Team

Mazda Taiwan (MT) and its employees are working together to build a better, brighter future. Through helping the children of remote districts, Mazda Taiwan wants to contribute to the society and support the children who really need help.

Zoom-Zoom Hug

Human resources



To warm the hearts of children who live in remote districts


Zoom-Zoom Hug, which MT has hosted since 2010, is an outdoor activity for children who live in remote districts. Volunteers from MT, dealers and fan clubs join this event. Children get food, clothes and gifts through this event and have a wonderful time. As a new initiative in FY March 2013, Zoom-Zoom Hug started to sponsor the charity clubs of different universities around Taiwan.

FY March 2013 Results

Zoom-Zoom HUG
Zoom-Zoom HUG
  • MT's group employees and fan clubs members visited Taichung Jia-Nan elementary school, and approximately 40 students enjoyed the daytime with the members (about 20 members participated in total).
  • MT sponsored the charity club of National Central University in Zoom-Zoom HUG 4th wave.

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