Social Contribution Initiatives

Basic Policy on Initiatives

Mazda is fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through ongoing involvement in socially beneficial activities tailored to the needs of local communities.

Basic Policy on Initiatives

Basic Principles

As a company engaged in global business, Mazda is fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through ongoing involvement in socially beneficial activities tailored to the needs of local communities, in order to ensure that its business activities contribute to the building of a sustainable society.

Plans for Future Activities

  • Proactive, ongoing responses to social needs through the core business activities of the Mazda Group in Japan and overseas
  • In collaboration with local communities, contribute to the development of a sustainable society through activities tailored to the needs of communities
  • Emphasize and provide support for self-motivated volunteer activities by employees, and incorporate diverse values to foster a flexible and vibrant corporate climate
  • Proactively disclose the details of activities and engage in a dialogue with society

Three Pillars

Mazda promotes activities that are strongly rooted in local communities. Its social contribution activities are underpinned by the three pillars of environmental and safety performance, human resources development, and community contributions.

Three Pillars in Basic Policy on Social Contribution Initiatives

Promotion Framework

Discussions at Social Contribution Committee

In May 2010, Mazda established the Social Contribution Committee.
The role of this committee, which meets regularly (twice a year), is to discuss issues facing the entire Mazda Group and share information, based on the social contribution policy and the CSR targets decided by the CSR Management Strategy Committee. The details of the actual activities are considered by a Working Group comprised of related divisions. Through the activities of the committee undertaken since 2010, Mazda continues to enhance information collection and utilization from a global and Group standpoint. Specific activities are carried out based on the budget plan in each region or department.*1

Promotion Framework

FY March 2014 Major Results

  • Set the CSR targets and the Mazda Green Plan 2020 (social contribution)and took actions
  • Carried out over 420 activities*2 in Japan and overaeas. (Around 100 activities are summarized on)
  • Established evaluation indexes for social contribution programs. The indexes are used for evaluating and promoting programs which resolve social issues and improve corporate values. It will establish the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) process for future activities
  • *1In Japan, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the Mazda Foundation in each country separately undertakes various activities.
  • *2Social contribution activities: Monetary donation, goods donation, facility sharing, employee participation and dispatch, voluntary programs, and support for disaster-stricken areas.

Volunteering by Employees

Mazda offers support to help employees become actively involved in volunteer activities.

  • Providing volunteer opportunities (Specialist Bank, Volunteer Center, etc.)
  • Providing volunteer training opportunities (training programs organized by the Hiroshima City Council of Social Welfare, etc.)
  • Subsidizing part of the cost of activities (Mazda Flex Benefits, etc.)
  • Enabling employees to take leave for activities (volunteer leave such as the Special Warm Heart leave system, etc.)

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