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[Global] Introduced New-Generation Six Models of Paper Craft

Mazda made a paper craft data for new-generation six models
(CX-5/Mazda3/Mazda6/Mazda2/CX-3/MX-5), to let children feel the fun of manufacturing, as an initiative of social contribution (Human Resources Development).

Paper craft download site:(CX-5/Mazda3/Mazda6/Mazda2/CX-3/MX-5)
Please paint with a favorite color and assemble it.

[Example] How to build an MX-5 paper craft

1. Print out the paper craft data.
(Thicker paper would be better for assembling.)

2. Paint and cut-off the data. Then, fold along the lines.

3. Apply paste and assemble.
(Clips would be helpful to hold the paper craft until the paste dries.)

4. Completion

Mazda Official Blog (Japanese language only)
- How to build (details):
- Example of playing with paper crafts:

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