Social Contribution Initiatives

Social Contribution Initiatives

Procurement with Regard to Human Rights and Environmental Concerns

3.Emphasizing Diversity is Connected to Creating Sustainable Societies

Participants in the joint programs span many nationalities, including Japanese, German and Chinese nationals. Currently, communication between representatives is conducted with English as the common language. However, at the outset of the programs, meetings did not always progress smoothly. This was attributable to differences that are not merely linguistic. Apart from language, peoples' approaches towards brands and strategies are also very different. The cultures that are behind these various approaches are different, too. We found that the culture gap could be extremely wide.
To bridge this gap and acquaint members with each others' background, we conducted team-building training events. More extensive measures, such as daily meetings, clarified the decision-making rules and processes and helped the team to become capable of fruitful discussions and swift decision-making.
While respecting individuals' opinions and ways of thinking that may differ from our own, we work towards the optimum solutions. Through Mazda's Global Optimal Sourcing we foster mutual understanding with people and businesses worldwide and thus create sustainable societies together.
Kojun Tanaka
Deputy Program Manager
Cross Carline Strategy Gr.

Kojun Tanaka

Preserving fairness and impartiality-a starting point for global business

Increasing the numbers of European and Chinese suppliers has been one major outcome of the joint programs. Another has been that through joint programs, Mazda has been able to provide our suppliers in Japan with the chance to start business opportunities with Ford, with a view to expanding their business globally.
The most important thing that I learned from working with Nils and other staff at Ford is the attitude to pursue complete fairness and impartiality. Another is that objective presentation of facts and figures is necessary for everyone to understand clearly. Furthermore, establishing rules and processes is paramount to achieving swift decision-making in a mixed nationality team.
Through this joint program, I have been able to acquire the perspective necessary to compete in global business.

Nils Goellner
B2e Program
Purchasing Program Manager
Ford Motor Corporation

Nils Goellner

Mazda is a benchmark company in terms of relationships between company and community

I have been working for six years at the Mazda headquarters, dispatched from Ford Europe. What has impressed me on viewing Mazda as an insider is the intimacy and trust that it maintains with regional suppliers, with relationships dating back to its founding. However, for Mazda to increase its competitive power globally, I believe that it will have to use the data compiled through its joint programs to further develop its procurement activities and raise its regional suppliers' competitiveness.
The strong bonds with local community can also be seen in social contributions to the communities where we work. Ford also carries out an array of such social contributions, but in terms of being rooted in the local community, I think that Mazda serves as the benchmark company for Ford.

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