Social Contribution Initiatives

Social Contribution Initiatives

Implementing Top-Quality Manufacturing with Local Suppliers to Fulfill Our Responsibilities as a Corporation Rooted in the Region

Contributing to the Advancement of Education and Technician Training as a Good Corporate Citizen

AAT is working to make social contributions as a good corporate citizen. For example, in our tuition assistance program, AAT provides university scholarships and supports the tuition fees of engineering students, and is a potential employer after they graduate.

In addition, we are introducing a skills-training program known as Vehicle Industry Certificate (VIC) that employs teachers from local engineering schools and in-house technicians as instructors. Currently, this is only open to AAT employees; however, in the future we would like to contribute to the training of technicians by extending this program to the community.

Moreover, as well as supplying tuition fees to enable employees to study at technical high schools, universities and graduate schools, we also make donations to elementary schools.

At AAT, we want to boost our community activities and social contributions and become a corporation called on and trusted by the local people.

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