Social Contribution Initiatives

Social Contribution Initiatives

Deepening Dialogue with Distributors and Dealerships, and Aiming for Customer Satisfaction to Contribute to the Local Community

Continuing Dialogue with Distributors and Dealerships and Reflecting Customers' Demands in Product Development

Against a background of increasing sales in Europe, MME has shared information and unified goals with distributors and dealerships in each country and region. Policies and strategies have been decided at a variety of meetings, such as the Managing Directors Conference, to which all NSC directors are invited; the European Marketing Forum, which is attended by the marketing representatives for each distributor, NSC and independent supplier; and the Product Executive Committee, attended by the managing directors of the eight nations with large-scale sales (nicknamed the G-8).

Furthermore, we undertake a satisfaction survey regarding the policies and responses of NSCs, and through this we collect numerous customer requests. For many years, the most common request regarding products was that we introduce a diesel engine vehicle. In response, we added well-received diesel models of the Mazda5 (Premacy in Japan) and Mazda6 (Atenza) to our lineup and mounted a 'green' diesel high-power engine in our Mazda3 (Axela).

We also considered our customers' comments concerning the diesel particulate filters (DPFs) that reduce particulates in the exhaust gases of diesel engines, and early on fitted this as standard in the Mazda5 and Mazda6, a move that was also highly commended. In addition, product development that reflects the needs of our highly environmentally conscious European customers – such as the local marketing of DPFs – is connected to the enhancement of brand value and customer satisfaction.

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