Social Contribution Initiatives

Social Contribution Initiatives

Local Cars Built by Local People— Mazda's Efforts in the Swelling Chinese Market

2.Providing Employment and Human Resources Training for Chinese Employees

Mazda Motor (Shanghai) Business Management & Consulting Co., Ltd.

Mazda Motor (Shanghai)
Business Management
& Consulting Co., Ltd.

Mazda has fully committed to business in China, and localizing operations has become a priority issue in order to continue spreading its roots there. Any enterprise is responsible for the development of its employees and MCO considers this its most important task. The China Engineering Support Center, for instance, has introduced programs that systematically train local employees. Within the program, personal targets are set each year and the curriculum is tailored to best suit the individual's level. Moreover, instruction in all areas features one-on-one training with Japanese staff.
There are also opportunities for selected Chinese staff to visit Japan for training at the Mazda Head Office. So far seven members of the purchasing and public relations departments have been invited for training periods ranging from one to six weeks. Since August 2006, we have also carried out research seminars for employees to acquire knowledge on automobile component parts and their functions, test methods and other specialist areas.
It is also our responsibility as an enterprise to assign personnel who have undergone personal development training to posts that match their capabilities. Currently, the China Engineering Support Center employs two Chinese assistant managers, and we plan to boost this figure to five by the end of 2007 as part of our policy of active deployment of personnel with management ambitions. MCO carries out product development unique to the Chinese market, and through support activities for affiliates and suppliers it aims to contribute to the growth of the Chinese automobile industry.

  • Numbers of Local Employees(As of June 30, 2006)
Support Center
47 27
53 32
Total 100 59
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