Social Contribution Initiatives

Social Contribution Initiatives

Local Cars Built by Local People— Mazda's Efforts in the Swelling Chinese Market

3.Creating Systems and Working Environments That Reflect Employee Opinions

As a company making inroads in the Chinese market, it is our duty to create a corporate climate and working environment attuned to the different culture and customs of local staff. At the Mazda Head Office in Japan, we are promoting MPI*1 Activities, which aim to create a solid business base for the medium and long-term future. Using this program as a basis, MCO is building a strong foundation for its ongoing operations through its own EPI*2 Program for the purchasing and technical departments, and BPI*3 Program for management departments. One component of these programs is "improving corporate climate." This is an effort to further operations in China based on the "One MCO" concept that Chinese and Japanese employees are promoting bilaterally. To foster solidarity between employees, we are boosting opportunities for Chinese employees to express their opinions to Japanese management, such as at the daily morning meeting.
It is important for management to monitor employee satisfaction (ES) levels in China, since the Chinese workforce tends to be volatile. In discussions with Chinese employees, requests were made for a means to express employee opinions. Personnel management responded swiftly by establishing an informal meeting room. They are also investigating the establishment of a Job Posting System, that considers staff applications for vacant in-house positions, and a provisionally named Welfare Committee through which employees can participate in planning and running functions and other welfare-related events. Mazda will continue to listen to the opinions of its Chinese employees, to promote localization, to tailor and optimize local operations, and to contribute to the Chinese economy.

*1 MPI: Management Process Innovation
*2 EPI: Engineering Process Innovation
*3 BPI: Backyard Process Innovation

Akira Tanioka
Director and Vice president
China Engineering Support
Mazda Motor (Shanghai)
Business Management Co., Ltd.

Akira Tanioka

Chinese Employees Building the Mazda Brand

I am responsible for the MCO China Engineering Support Center, where we are faced with the challenge of training our Chinese employees. During 2007, we will double the center's 30 or so Chinese employees to bolster our organizational strength and improve and expand training programs, which we think will lead to product development that reflects Chinese needs. We are in an era of intense competition between automobile manufacturers. Mazda needs to thoroughly build up its brand image to stand apart from its competitors.
The majority of Chinese employees at the China Engineering Support Center are young-the same generation as my children. Although I can't help but feel affection toward them, I sense the vast amount of training necessary for them to bear the responsibility for the future of MCO.

Zhang Haiguang
Assistant Manager
Customer Service Department
Mazda Motor (Shanghai)
Business Management &
Consulting Co., Ltd.

Zhang Haiguang

Boosting Training Opportunities and Promoting Knowledge Management

work in the Customer Service Department, involved in business support for sales management companies and service training support. It is a relaxed workplace where I am treated very well, and I work as hard as I can in the belief that this will lead to greater responsibilities and authority in the future.
I think that business efficiency could be raised and the contribution by Chinese staff increased by cultivating greater trust between the Chinese and Japanese employees. As the Chinese staff are highly familiar with local conditions, they are best equipped to carry out negotiations and discussions with business partners. I think we need to work together to create a working environment that stimulates the will to study and promotes Knowledge Management.

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