Social Contribution Initiatives

Social Contribution Initiatives

Respect for Human Rights As The Basis of Corporate Activities

To fully harness the capabilities of our employees and fully bring to bear our great strength as an organization, it is important to create friendly, productive workplaces in which employees respect the human rights of their colleagues. Mazda is working to ensure that respect for human rights is the basis for our corporate activities.

Promoting worldwide human rights protection in the workplace under the "One Mazda" concept with consideration for local conditions.

The system we know as "society" fulfills its functions primarily through solidarity between citizens who agree on recognizing human rights. Similarly in business, mutual agreement and respect between employees facilitates deployment that is based on the abilities of the individual, enabling the organization to function fully. This is how Mazda envisages the empowerment of society as a whole.

Based on this conviction, in October 2000 Mazda established the Human Rights Committee as a review board for its human rights protection activities and formulated its Rules for the Elimination of Human Rights Violations. The following month, we promulgated our Human Rights Declaration, in-house and externally, stating that "Mazda should strive to become the leading company in Japan for respecting human rights and for the ethical treatment of its employees." Thereafter, we have instigated such promotional measures as human rights training, lectures, concerts and panel displays, and introduced buses with exteriors that display human rights slogans.

Today, Mazda's business facilities span the globe. These locations gather together diverse people of differing genders, ages and nationalities, with and without disabilities. Accordingly, it is vital to build work environments that are free of discrimination, where this diverse staff can work together in harmony. To this end, since 2006, Group companies in Japan and overseas have been involved in global human rights protection activities as part of the "One Mazda" concept.

The first step is the understanding in each company that "human rights are the basis of our corporate activities," and the sharing of this consensus throughout the Group. However, the perception of "human rights" can differ between countries and regions around the world. That is why Mazda takes the lead in sharing information, supporting and advisory activities regarding human rights in each Group company with consideration of local conditions worldwide.

Five pillars support these endeavors: human rights principles, rules, promotion systems, training and educational activities. We have appointed a person in charge of human rights for the Group companies, and are upgrading our rules and promotion system, while furthering the sharing of human rights principles. In the eventuality of human rights problems arising within the Group, measures are in place for the swift reporting to Mazda for a groupwide resolution of such issues. Furthermore, we provide sample programs to companies for which training was not previously available and offer guidance and support toward the establishment of training systems. Companies also look to Mazda for guidance in the development of their own original educational activities.

Through such activities, Mazda raises awareness of human rights issues within the Group and creates an environment conducive to simple problem-solving. As Mazda strives to evolve from one of Japan's leading companies for human rights, into one of the world's leading companies in this area, we will sincerely strive to upgrade our human rights protection activities on a global scale.

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