Social Contribution Initiatives

Social Contribution Initiatives

Respect for Human Rights As The Basis of Corporate Activities

Voice of employee of each country

Kazuo Matsumoto
Director and Head of the Administrative Division, Keiji Mazda Co., Ltd.

Prioritizing Equality and Consideration

The Company conducts its human rights protection activities with emphasis on equality and consideration for all employees.

During FY2007, measures to publicize the importance of human rights included training for new employees, soliciting human rights promotional slogans from staff, displaying human rights posters and actively dispatching employees for external training. In the future, we will cultivate human rights leaders to promote human rights protection activities and aggressively extend our coverage to dealerships. Moreover, we aim to carry out activities geared to consideration for children, and the elderly and disabled within local communities.

Kazuo Matsumoto Director and Head of the Administrative Division Keiji Mazda Co., Ltd.

Chen Yan
CSR Team, Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd.

Stepping up Employee Education

To ensure the complete abolition of human rights violations, the Company's CSR team has established a reporting system for problems, formulated basic principles and rules and guidelines, instigated a promotion system for human rights protection activities and is furthering employee education.

A current focal point is fostering human rights education for employees. As part of new employee training during FY2007, we held an orientation to thoroughly publicize the Company's Corporate Ethics Code of Conduct, Eliminating Human Rights Violations Rules, Guidelines for Eliminating Sexual Harassment and other pertinent policies. We are striving to cultivate an open-minded corporate culture that features fairness and equality melded with goodwill and sincerity.

Chen Yan CSR Team Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd.

Khun Sarairayut
Senior Manager, Human Resources Department, AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Emphasizing Sincerity, Diversity and Freedom from Harassment

The Company's fundamental approach to human rights is exemplified in a Corporate Code of Conduct, which advocates sincerity, diversity and freedom from harassment. We carry out training embracing these ideals for employees when they join the Company and conduct thorough publicity campaigns.

During FY2007, we endeavored to keep all employees informed of the Company's code of conduct, sexual harassment guidelines and other corporate policies, and held talks with Thai, Japanese and Western staff on the theme of "People" in a bid to enhance mutual understanding. Furthermore, as part of our drive to foster respect for diversity, we have expanded our canteen menus to incorporate dishes that meet the needs of the approximately 120 Muslim employees who represent 3% of our workforce.

Khun Sarairayut Senior Manager, Personnel Department AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co. Limited

United States
Rex Johnson
Vice President, Human Resources Department, AutoAlliance International, Inc.

Training to Enhance Understanding of Different Cultures and Diversified Workforces

The Company has formulated regulations on equal employment opportunities and an open-door policy. The former stipulate equality of treatment in personnel terms and the latter provides for the free flow of opinions from workers and a sympathetic hearing by management and the Company.

During FY2007, we commenced "Training to enhance understanding of different cultures and diversified workforces," a program for all employees developed jointly by the United Auto Workers and Ford in the United States. In the future, we aim to improve such programs to ensure we fulfill our responsibilities toward employees and customers.

Rex Johnson Vice President, Personnel Department AutoAlliance International, Inc.

Chris Sahakia
Senior Manager, Human Resources Department, Mazda Motor Europe

Aiming to Build a Fair and Harmonious Personnel System

Based on the laws of individual countries and for all of Europe, we have formulated a Business Code of Conduct, which covers a broad range of general human rights issues and includes stipulations for fair treatment and an employee code of conduct.

Our objective is to spread the "One Mazda" vision and cultivate a communal team spirit in Europe with regard to human rights. By building a fair and balanced personnel system, we believe we can create a workplace that is conducive to behavior worthy of trust and respect in a forward-looking organizational climate.

Chris Sahakia Senior Manager, Personnel Department Mazda Motor Europe

United States
Renee Lewis
Vice President, Human Resources Department, Mazda North American Operations

Consideration of Human Rights as the Foundation of the Company

The Company endeavors to conduct its business with the optimum level of sincerity, a stance which applies to human rights. We have formulated three basic policies to define our uncompromising position-a zero-tolerance policy for human rights violations, a non-harassment declaration and an ethics code-and are promoting human rights protection activities with sincerity.

We react swiftly to rid the Company's workplaces of all discrimination and banish all forms of human rights violations. Consideration of human rights is the basis of our business and will, I believe, lead to our further success.

Renee Lewis Vice President, Personnel Department Mazda North American Operations

Pilare Medina
Vice President, Human Resources Department, Compania Colombiana Automotriz S.A.

Valuing Each Other's Perspectives and Opinions and Mutual Respect for Human Rights

We believe that corporate activities are built on valuing each other's perspectives and opinions and mutual respect for human rights.

Accordingly, our corporate rules advocate respect for each and every employee's dignity, beliefs and values, without restricting or violating their human rights, respect by employees for their supervisors and coworkers, acting in accordance with morally based rules and treating customers with respect. Further, educational activities include soliciting human rights mottoes from staff, displaying human rights posters and dissemination of human rights information via our intranet.

Pilare Medina Vice President, Personnel Department Compania Colombiana Automotriz S.A.

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