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Volunteer Activities

Mazda emphasizes and supports self-motivated volunteer activities by employees, with the aim of fostering a flexible and vibrant corporate climate by incorporating diverse values. Here are some examples of employees actively involved in volunteer programs.

Activities in Japan Expanding Value through Serving as a Host Family

Employee's Voice

Motoyasu Tono
Motoyasu TonoStaff Manager, Human Resources Office, Mazda Motor Corporation

I have long been interested in volunteer activities, and registered with the Mazda Volunteer Center. In 2010 and 2011, my family served as a host family to accept the students from overseas and to have them live with us for six weeks. I decided to provide the greatest possible support for the students, respecting their wish to communicate with us in Japanese as much as possible, and to enjoy and cherish every single moment of their stay in Japan. We sometimes felt frustrated at being unable to communicate that well with them. However, I realized that it is possible to develop a cordial rapport, despite occasional difficulties, as long as both sides want to understand each other. While enjoying the pleasant surprise of seeing each student fitting in as a member of the family, the six weeks we spent together passed very quickly.

When we received messages from the students' parents thanking us for having helped make the students' dreams come true, we also felt pleased and grateful.

The exchange with the students and their parents as our "new relatives overseas" still continues, broadening my family's view of the world. I hope that as many people as possible will join in volunteer activities, thereby stepping into the wider world.

Stakeholder's Voice

Ms. Wasako Kamiya
Director for the Chugoku
District, YFU JAPAN Inc.Ms. Wasako Kamiya

Our program to receive overseas students is possible only with host family volunteers.

We sincerely appreciate Mazda employees' social contribution activities that enable us to accept overseas students. Mr. Tono has offered wide-ranging support, to greatly help both the students and host families.

Ms. Rose Dodgen
Ms. Rose DodgenShort term student from the United States

I joined the YFU program because I have been studying Japanese for quite a while, and wanted to visit Japan and learn about its culture.

During my stay in Japan, I had to communicate every day in a language that was not my home language. Speaking to people could be a challenge, but with help from my host family, I developed my language skills a great deal, as well as developing ways of communicating that go beyond language--gestures, expressions, lots of things that are universal. This precious experience helped me to become better at communicating, not only in Japanese, but with people in general around the world.

Relationship Development with Society through Fundraising

Employee's Voice

Yvonne Burkhouse
IT Director
Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) Yvonne Burkhouse

I am working as the MNAO Chairperson for United Way activities. At MNAO, the Steering Committee of 29 volunteers plan and organize the various fundraising events supporting United Way. In 2011, we have arranged around 10 activities, including the event inviting the local people to MNAO's lobby, raising fund more than originally expected by United Way. I am grateful that I could service our community needs and I am extremely proud of MNAO's leadership to the initiatives. MNAO employees always fully enjoy the programs provided by the Steering Committee and they are also happy to work as volunteers. I hope that more employees consider the importance of social contribution through working as volunteers.

Stakeholder's Voice

Ms. Carol Tillery
Director, Campaign Orange County United WayMs. Carol Tillery

I am very impressed by the Mazda team which was led by Yvonne. Mazda's contributions to Orange County United Way help support education, income, and health which are the building blocks for a good life. We look forward to an even more successful campaign next year.

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