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Encouraging Volunteer Activities for Individual Growth and Social Development

Mazda emphasizes and supports self-motivated volunteer activities by employees, with the aim of fostering a flexible and vibrant corporate climate by incorporating diverse values. Here are some examples of employees actively involved in volunteer programs.

Activity in Japan
Volunteer Activities That Each Volunteer Enjoys Together with Other Companies, Organizations, and Mazda Vehicle Owners

Satoshi Ohtsuru
Satoshi Ohtsuru
Tokyo General Affairs Group,
Tokyo Office

I am a member of the steering committee of the "Santa's Come to Town!" event, held at Pacifico Yokohama.

The main feature of the event is driving in a vehicle with "Santa Claus." Mazda vehicle owners and Mazda employees dressed in Santa Clause costumes drive their own vehicles, sharing the joy of driving with children residing child welfare institutions. The Mazda vehicles decked out with Christmas decorations delight the children and put big smiles on their faces.

The "Santa's Come to Town!" event began in 2003. Since 2009, it has been held with cooperation from local social work councils, NPOs, and a wide range of other supporters. Now the event is jointly handled by 19 organizations and companies. The number of volunteers dressed in Santa Claus costumes has also increased to about 500, from the dozen or so when the event started.

In planning the event in collaboration with people outside the Company, I have learned the importance of understanding the needs of stakeholders. Before organizing the event, we hold meetings with the staff members of the child welfare institutions that we will visit, in order to hear and respond to their ideas. We will continue this volunteer activity, while sincerely valuing the relationships with our various stakeholders.

Stakeholder's Voice

Mr. Masanori Mizuochi
Mr. Masanori Mizuochi
Secretariat Representative
Roadster Club of Japan

The "Santa's Come to Town!" event was originally started as a touring event for Roadster(MX-5 overseas) lovers. Through Mazda's initiative, it has now grown to be a truly socially beneficial occasion. Participants themselves enjoy riding their favorite Mazda Roadster vehicles, while at the same time making the children and those watching on the streets smile. I believe that it is because the event is such fun that we have been able to continue it for so long.

Overseas Activity
Heart-to-Heart Communication with the Children Living in Mountainous Regions

Zhang Mingyu
Zhang Mingyu
Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd. (MCO)

I work as the leader of a program to support elementary schools in mountainous regions through the Wheat Field Project Education Foundation. We believe that it is necessary to provide mental support, in addition to economic assistance, such as establishing libraries and donating books. Based on this idea, 50 MCO employees have been in one-to-one correspondence with 50 children studying at the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class. I am pleased that while exchanging ideas with these children and considering with them about how to resolve the problems that affect them, MCO employees are now able to consider regional issues from a much broader social perspective. I take pride in supporting this program, which enables both children and employees to nurture themselves.

Stakeholder's Voice

Ms. Zhao Yizhi
Ms. Zhao Yizhi
Project Specialist
Wheat Field Project Education Foundation

I am very happy to receive the reports from the teachers in charge of the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class describing how their 50 students are keen to study even harder than before, thanks to the improved learning environment. Recognizing the goodwill of Mazda's employees, the children endeavor to respond to the support they've received. We all really appreciate the kind encouragement from MCO.

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