Questionnaire Results

Results of the questionnaire for the Mazda Company Profile/Sustainability Report 2013 [Digest version]

Thank you for your cooperation with the questionnaire. Some of the responses received from stakeholders both inside and outside the Company are presented below. Your opinions will be reflected in Mazda's future corporate activities and the production of the Mazda Company Profile/Sustainability Report.

Sections that you found particularly interesting
History of Mazda 148 respondents
Customer Satisfaction 128 respondents
Feature Story: "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom"/Building-Block Strategy/i-ACTIVSENSE 117 respondents
Top Message 114 respondents
Major Product Lineup 114 respondents
Social Contributions 95 respondents
Voice from Employees 89 respondents
Environmental Protection 76 respondents
Top 10 Markets in Global Sales for FY March 2013/Consolidated Financial Highlights 68 respondents

(Sections that received 50 or more responses; multiple answers allowed)

Sections that you found unclear or unsatisfying
Feature Story: "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom"/Building-Block Strategy/i-ACTIVSENSE 75 respondents
Social Contributions 72 respondents
Top 10 Markets in Global Sales for FY March 2013/Consolidated Financial Highlights 65 respondents
Mazda CSR 51 respondents

(Sections that received 50 or more responses; multiple answers allowed)

Major opinions/comments from stakeholders and responses from Mazda, and reflection in the 2014 edition

Major opinions/comments from stakeholders
responses from Mazda
Overall I found the report informative because it provides overall information on Mazda's history as well as its environmental and other CSR activities. (Mazda car user, 60s, female) Aiming to satisfy the needs of both Mazda Company Profile readers and Sustainability Report readers, the 2014 edition describes Mazda's company outline, fundamental principles, and particularly noteworthy initiatives taken in FY March 2014. (p. 24) The Mazda Sustainability Report 2014 [In-depth version] (176 pages; hereinafter, 的n-depth version has been separately posted on Mazda's official website.
Pages that include pictures and illustrations were very easy to read. (Shareholder/investor, 30s, male) Readability was enhanced overall by effectively using figures/tables and illustrations.
The description of sales volumes by car model and by market was improved so that readers can see them at a glance. (p. 19)
Top Message It conveys clearly Mazda's enthusiasm for a huge leap into the global market. I'm looking forward to seeing the company's further growth. (Mazda car user, 60s, female) The Top Message in this booklet is a brief summary of the In-depth version. (p. 3) The In-depth version and the annual report provide the top message in more detail.
Customer Satisfaction I think it is important to give emphasis to the perspectives of customers. I want Mazda to further increase the number of Mazda supporters by developing a deeper understanding of what makes customers satisfied or unsatisfied. (Mazda Group company employee's family member, 30s, female) Feature Story 1 introduces to readers the Brand Value-focused Management that Mazda has promoted aiming to be a brand maintaining special bonds with customers, as well as the Brand Philosophy established in 2013. (p. 4)
A variety of initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction in terms of quality, products, sales, after-sale service, and safety are introduced to readers. (pp. 9-10)
I want to learn more about Mazda's collaborative efforts with trams to prevent traffic accidents. (Mazda Group company employee's family member, 50s, female) Mazda has been making consistent efforts toward realization of a safe, accident-free automotive society. In October 2013, demonstration tests of an advanced safety support system based on tram-to-vehicle communication were held in Hiroshima for the first time in the world, a detailed description of which is provided in the In-depth version.
Environmental Protection It gives a better understanding that Mazda has pursued the development of fuel-efficient engines and possesses world-class technology. (60s, male) With regard to Mazda's environmental technologies, detailed descriptions are provided of the Company's vision, strategy and concrete efforts. (pp. 11-12)
I want Mazda to continue to promote environment-friendly production activities. (Mazda Group company employee's family member, 40s, female) Feature Story 2 describes Mazda's efforts to satisfy both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance by implementing Monotsukuri Innovation in the production area. (pp. 5-8)
Social Contributions A one-page description of social contributions is not sufficient to include Mazda's basic policy and concrete activities. (20s, male) More extensive examples of social contribution activities are provided. Information on the activities is disclosed in 100 categories in the In-depth version. Part of the information is provided in this booklet. (pp. 13-14)
Respect for People Focus is placed on company policy, with poor numerical data and few concrete examples. (Consultant, 40s, male) With regard to Mazda's efforts to create more employee-friendly workplace and promote the diversity of employees, various improvement measures and voices of employees are introduced to readers. (pp. 15-16)
I was impressed by the fact that Mazda is a company in which female employees have been playing more active roles than I expected; This enhanced my positive image of Mazda. (20s, female) Mazda participates in the Keidanren's voluntary action plan on the promotion of women to managerial and executive positions, detailed information on which has been provided in the Company's website.
As a way to convey how Mazda's employees are enjoying their work, voices of employees are gathered widely, including those working for Mazda's new plant in Mexico, which commenced production in January 2014.