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August 3, 1999

Mazda Launches a New Sporty Model of Familia "Sport 20 "

- Mazda revamps Familia series by establishment of the new grades while sharply improving features and product quality of all Familia series -

Mazda Motor Corporation today launches a new sporty model of Familia "Sport 20" to enhance Familia line-up while substantially improving product attributes of all the Familia models. The new "Familia" line-up including "Sport 20" goes on sale immediately through Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealers throughout Japan.

Mazda brand personality is explained as "Stylish", "Insightful" and "Spirited". To expresses this brand personality with its entire body, the Familia which will hit the market today has been developed in line with product philosophy characterized by three attributes: "Distinctive Design," "Exceptional Functionality" and "Responsive Handling and Performance."

The Familia has further strengthened Mazda brand personality through the launch of "Sport 20" as top end model to enhance spirited image while improving features and quality of all the Familia models

The product is summarized as below.

  1. 1. Enhancing the model line-up through the addition of "Sport 20," the sporty grade 2000 DOHC engine-installed S-Wagon, and addition of another grade.
  2. 2. Adopting a newly developed "Activematic" transmission (automatic transmission with manual mode) that offers feel like motoring with manual transmission (available for S-Wagon Sport 20 FF model)
  3. 3. Face lift of the exterior and interior and improving product quality, safety and comfort features

Through this product enhancement, Mazda established sporty grade "Sport 20" for FF and 4WD models and furthermore, the new casual basic model "S-f" has been established for FF model. The S-Wagon line-up is enriched to 7 models includes the current four S-Wagon models. All the current seven grades of Sedan continue to be marketed. The combined monthly sales target for both S-Wagon and sedan is 4,000 units.

Since the first generation debuted in October 1963, the Familia has come to be embraced by customers in no less than 120 countries worldwide. It has grown in both name presence as Mazda's pillar model and to prove this point, in December 1995, it surpassed the 10 million mark in total domestic production. In June of 1998, Mazda came out the ninth generation new Familia. Customers all over the world welcomes Mazda's proposal of the new Familia packaging together with distinctive styling and high basic performance that supports the customer's active life style.

Product details of the new Familia are as follows:

  1. Enhancing the model line-up of S-Wagon
    The sporty grade "Sport 20" and "S-f" have been added to the S-Wagon line-up.

    1. Familia "Sport 20"
      The S-Wagon line-up whose feature is compact body coupled with high-efficiency packaging welcomes the additional establishment of the 2L DOHC engine-installed sporty model "Sport 20" as the top end of the Familia series. The new "Sport 20" is available for FF and 4WD models. Product details of "Sport 20" are as follows.

      1. Distinctive Design - exciting styling
        Based on the exterior designing concept "Aggressive & Sporty", it is designed aiming to realize the energetic and distinctive exterior suitable for the top end grade of the new Familia
        • Exclusive features: large-size front bumper, 4 headlamps, side spoiler, large-radius fog lamp, sporty grill, rear under spoiler, 16 inch alloy wheel.
        • Five exterior colors with sporty feel: black, red, silver, white and yellow
          (Yellow-color are available only for 300 units at the time of launch)

        Based on the interior designing concept "Exciting & Sporty", the following exclusive fittings have been adopted to project a sporty feel combined with a high product quality ambiance.
        • White meter panel for sporty feel and Nardi genuine leather steering wheel and shift knob, titanium coloring and chrome coated, sporty fabric seats and door trimming. Furthermore, the frequently used areas have been dimpled to be easy to operate.
        • Titanium color is used for the center of the instrument panel, grip area of the steering wheel, power window switch board, inner door handle and Activematic shift gate panel, and partially used for seat fabric.
        • Chrome coating is used for the Mazda brand mark at the center of the steering wheel and the 4- speed AT shift knob button, MT shift knob shift position indicator, parking brake button.
        • Dimple have all been used on the surface of the parking brake lever, the steering wheel, Activematic AT shift knob, MT shift knob, titanium-colored area of the seat fabric.
      2. Responsive Handling and Performance Pexcellent running performance
        • -It has adopted the FS-ZE 2L DOHC engine which is used for the sporty version of Capella and the engine has been specially tuned for Sport 20. Its highly linear run is owed to the specially tuned intake resonance chamber exclusive to Sport 20, well tuned low speed final gear ratio (4.147) and torque converter, dual exhaust, low discharge-pressure main exhaust silencer. These mechanism realize exciting and excellent running performance.
          Engine Maximum output (net) Maximum torque (net) 10-15 mode
          2.0 L DOHC
        • The FF model (front wheel drive) has adopted the newly developed [Activematic transmission] (automatic transmission with manual mode) that allows comfort and joys of driving to coexist at a higher dimension.
        • Based on high rigidity safe body "MAGMA", reinforcements have been made to the body and suspension to strengthen body rigidity. Also large radius flat 195/50 R16 tires and the best tuned suspension allow joys of handling and comfort to coexist at a higher dimension.

      3. Exceptional Functionality - high level functionality/safety
        More higher safety features are pursued in accordance with the elevated dynamic performance made possible by adopting 2000cc engine.
        • ABS brake system with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution system) automatically modifies front and rear wheel braking force to realize stable braking.
        • Traction Control System (TCS) is available for FF model. TCS substantially elevates the safety at the time of cornering and driving on slippery surface. The computer system controls the engine output automatically so as to prevent driving wheel losing control in accordance with the road surface conditions.
        • Water repellent door mirror for FF model and heated door mirror for 4WD model improve visibility during rain respectively.
        • To further enhance the high efficiency packaging, the functionality of the luggage compartment is improved for FF-model and adopted sub trunk box. with double folding trunk board to make it easier the placement and removal of small items.

    2. Establishment of the value for money "S - f" grade for the S-Wagon
      S-Wagon "S - f" grade comes fitted with an antibacterial interior mostly desired by female customers such as steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake lever and also water repellent front glass & outer mirror as standard equipment. In spite of these fittings, the price has remains reasonable.

  2. Newly developed Activematic (automatic transmission with manual mode) for FF 2L model
    The new "Familia Sport 20" FF has adopted the newly developed Activematic transmission (automatic transmission with manual mode) that allows the comfort and joys of driving to coexist at a higher dimension.

    • Activematic AT make it possible to shift only by operating select lever without pushing button. The shift response speed of manual mode has improved to be on a par with that of the class top models. It realize operation feel and swift shift similar to that of manual transmission. Thus it is made possible to enjoy sporty motoring through pleasant sporty shift.
    • In addition to conventional shift indicator in the instrumental panel, establishing the digital meter panel which indicates the manual mode shift position
    • Titanium color of the shift panel and genuine leather shift knob with sporty ambiance.

  3. Renewal of the exterior, interior, improved product quality, and enhancement of safety and comfort features
    1. Improved product quality owed to renewed interior and exterior design
      Following fittings are made to the improved product quality and comfort.

      • Chrome coated front grill for all sedan models
      • New designed instrumental meter
      • Additional setting of dark tinted glasses for rear door and rear tailgate
        (standard feature for sedan RX, optional equipment for LS)
      • Additional setting of 185/65R14 tires (standard equipment for S-Wagon R & S grades, Sedan RX & GS grades, optional equipment for Sedan LS grade)
      • Additional setting of 195/55R15 tire + 15 inch alloy wheel + Nardi genuine leather steering wheel
      • Chrome coated interior parts for all grades
        inner door handle, AT shift knob button, MT shift knob shift position indicator, parking brake button and Mazda brand symbol on the steering center
      • The AT shift lever, parking brake lever are color keyed with the interior.
      • Steering wheel grip area and MT shift knob shift position indicator vicinity have been dimpled for slip-prevention.
      • Fitting of new double Russell seat textile & trimming (S-Wagon: S-f)
      • Less option of roof rail (S-Wagon: S-F)
      • Additional setting of sporty seats (standard feature for S-Wagon S, R, S-4, R-4 grades, standard feature on Sedan RX, optional equipment on LS grades)

    2. Body color revision
      • The Innocent Blue mica and Pure White, Gracial Silver metallic, Sun Burst Yellow are established for S-Wagon.
      • Supreme Blue mica and Passion Red mica are established for Sedan.

    3. Features enhance safety, comfort and functionality
      1. Safety feature
        • Newly adopted ABS brake with EBD (Electronic Braking-force Distribution system) for all grades to realize a stable braking power by modifying the braking force of the front and rear wheels
        • For improved visibility during rain, these are established. water repellent front glass is available for S-Wagon S-f grade, water-repellent door mirror is available for FF models with electronically operated retractable door mirror
          heated door mirror is available for 4WD car with electronically operated retractable door mirror-fitted car.
        • Expanded adoption of rear head rest for all models except for Sedan of LS, JS grades

      2. Comfort and handy features
        • Standard equipment of double-folding new trunk board to ease the placement and removal of small items into/from the sub trunk box for all S-Wagon FF models
        • Additional setting of antibacterial material is used for steering wheel, shift knob, parking knob, parking brake lever for S-Wagon S-f
        • Additional setting of 6:4 partition foldable rear seats for Sedan JS, LS, GS, and RX
        • Additional setting of driver's seats illuminated power window switch for all Sedan except for ES
        • Standard equipment of illuminated front ashtray for all models
        • Additional setting of keyless entry system
          standard feature for S-Wagon Sport 20, R, R-4 and Sedan RX, GS optional equipment for S-Wagon S, S-f, S-4 and Sedan LS
        • Additional setting of driver's seat front tilt & hip point lifter for all S-Wagon and Sedan JS, LS, GS, RX
        • Additional setting of space up seat for driver's seat
          optional equipment for all S-Wagon except for S-f
          standard equipment for Sedan RX, optional equipment for Sedan LS)
        • Additional setting of center console box with lid
          standard equipment for S-Wagon "Sport 20, " Sedan GS, LS
        • Additional setting of the audio system & speaker
          standard equipment of 6 speakers for S-Wagon "Sport 20, " R, R-4, Sedan RX
          standard equipment of 4 speakers for S-Wagon S, S-f, S-4
          standard equipment of AM/FM tuner with cassette deck + 2 speaker for Sedan LS
          standard equipment of AM/FM tuner with logic control cassette deck + 4 speaker for Sedan GS




The suggested retail prices of the vehicles without options are as follows.
(consumption tax not included)
Drive Engine Grade Transmission Tokyo, Nagoya,
Osaka, Hiroshima,
Sapporo Sendai
FF 1500
S-f 5MT 1,361 1,411 1,381
4EC-AT 1,436 1,486 1,456
S 5MT 1,429 1,479 1,449
4EC-AT 1,504 1,554 1,524
1500 DOHC
R 5MT 1,622 1,672 1,642
4EC-AT 1,697 1,747 1,717
Sport 20 Activematic 1,933 1,983 1,953
4WD 1500
S-4 5MT 1,602 1,652 1,622
4EC-AT 1,677 1,727 1,697
R-4 5MT 1,828 1,878 1,848
4EC-AT 1,903 1,953 1,923
Sport 20 5MT 2,041 2,091 2,061
4EC-AT 2,116 2,166 2,136
Drive Engine Grade Transmission Tokyo,. Nagoya
Sapporo Sendai
FF 1300
ES 5MT 991 1,041 1,011 1,001
4EC-AT 1,066 1,116 1,086 1,076
JS 5MT 1,198 1,248 1,218 1,208
4EC-AT 1,273 1,323 1,293 1,283
LS 5MT 1,323 1,373 1,343 1,333
4EC-AT 1,398 1,448 1,418 1,408
1500 DOHC
GS 4EC-AT 1,664 1,714 1,684 1,674
RX 4EC-AT 1,649 1,699 1,669 1,659
LS 5MT 1,404 1,454 1,424 1,414
4EC-AT 1,479 1,529 1,499 1,489
4WD 1500
LS 5MT 1,568 1,618 1,588 1,578
4EC-AT 1,643 1,693 1,663 1,653
* Air conditioning and passenger seat air bag including FM/AM receiver and 2 speakers are available for the Sedan ES grade model which comes without air conditioning and passenger seat air bag at the cost of 219,000
* All Familia series are cold weather specification.
* The price for the optional head protection function SRS side air bag is 30,000 yen (except for except for the Sedan of ES, JS, RX, LS DE).
* The Star (*) indicate version shown in the photo.