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All New Mazda Premacy Packed with Innovative Ideas

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Mazda Motor Corporation proudly introduces the fully remodeled Mazda Premacy, which goes on sale today at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

The all-new Premacy is the first new-generation product that Mazda has launched in the minivan segment and brings new depth to its Zoom-Zoom message. Based on the innovative ‘6+One’ concept, Mazda has carefully developed a cabin space where all passengers can comfortably communicate and move throughout freely. The new Premacy offers customers the “fun-to-drive” quality for which Mazda is now famous, splendid maneuverability and the dynamic and sophisticated style that is now apparent in all Mazda designs.

The lifetime average sales target for the Japanese market is set at 3,000 units per month. After the launch into the Japanese market, it will be introduced in global markets as the Mazda5.

Mazda Premacy (23S)
Mazda Premacy (23S)

Kenichi Fukunaga, Mazda Premacy Program Manager, notes, “Throughout the development of this new vehicle, our concept has been clear: communicative and dynamic. Masterfully combining the space and functionality that enables all passengers to easily communicate in comfort, rendering a quality of driving that surpasses the level of a typical minivan, and with a stylish design, we intend to establish a new standard in the minivan segment with this product. We hope not only the driver, but also all passengers, will revel in this delightful mode of travel. ”

Features of New Premacy
- Packaging that allows for pleasant communication between family or friends
- Outstanding functionality providing ease of use in everyday activities
- Dynamic performance with excellent maneuverability, ride comfort and quietness that are masterfully balanced
- A stylish and clean design

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (Unit: yen)
Grade Engine Transmission Retail price
Including tax Without tax
20F 2.0L DOHC Four-speed
‘Activematic’ automatic
20C 2.0L DOHC 1,848,000 1,760,000
20S 2.0L DOHC 2,058,000 1,960,000
23S 2.3L DOHC 2,289,000 2,180,000

Features and Product Outline
1. Packaging that allows for pleasant communication between family or friends
The ‘6+One’ packaging concept is a leading feature of the new Premacy. In addition to the basic seat layout that easily accommodates six adult passengers, the versatile open space located at the center of the cabin is viewed as ‘+One’ that offers maximum space depending on the number of passengers or the volume of luggage.
- The second row karakuri utility box provides a versatile storage space (except 20F), and the karakuri seventh seat can accommodate a seventh passenger. The center armrest is also utilized as the seatback of the 7th seat. And, by rotating the armrest/seatback, a walk-through space can be created to allow easy center access through the middle of the vehicle.
- Various seat arrangements are available thanks to a long slide adjustment for independent seating for the right and left seats in the second row, a separate reclining backseat with one-touch operation for the third row seats, and an easy-to-use, double-fold mechanism for the second and third rows that is simplified further by not requiring users to attach/detach seat headrests, allowing maximum efficiency in the use of space.
- An optimal driving position for drivers of nearly all heights and builds is delivered by an adjusting mechanism with a wide seat sliding range of 260mm, a ratchet-lever-type seat lifter, and the tilt-and-telescopic steering whee--all standard equipment.
- With a generous interior space and roomy comfort, the Premacy also boasts a class-leading minimum turning radius of 5.3 meters.

Premacy's interior space (20C) designed with '6+One' concept
Premacy’s interior space (20C) designed with ‘6+One’ concept

2. Outstanding functionality proved by ease of use in everyday activities
Focusing on the “insightful” element of Mazda’s Stylish, Insightful and Spirited brand DNA, the new Premacy includes new features that further improve vehicle usability in everyday activities while at the same time enhancing driving pleasure.
- Easy sliding doors on both sides provide an opening width of 700mm to facilitate smooth entry and exit, even when room is limited by tight parking spaces. Furthermore, power sliding doors on both sides are available as a factory-installed option.
- A one-touch entry mechanism on the second row of seats: by pulling a lever with one hand, passengers gain easy access to the third row of seats.
- A two-stage stopping mechanism for the rear gate provides easier operability for users of all heights. Also, the lift gate is lighter thanks to the use of advanced plastics.
- An advanced keyless system uses a card-shaped key that provides customers with easy access. By simply carrying the card-shaped device within close proximity of the vehicle, it is easy to lock or unlock the doors or rear gate and start or stop the engine without inserting a key into a door or the ignition. (This is offered as standard equipment for 23S and 20S and a factory-installed option for 20C).
- All models (except 20F) have a visual-aid driver support system that features cameras mounted at the front and rear as a factory-installed option. This navigation assistance system helps the driver steer the vehicle when parking in garages or other narrow places by providing an image of the vehicle’s predictive course when backing up.

3. Dynamic performance balancing higher-level drivability and quietness
The new Premacy inherits Mazda’s brand DNA of responsive handling and performance, and second and third row passengers also experience a high degree of comfort and riding quality. Providing a driving experience that exceeds the image of a conventional minivan with superb ride comfort, the new Premacy embodies a further evolution of Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom.
- Powered by the 2.0-liter or 2.3-liter petroleum MZR, four-cylinder engines, Premacy delivers enhanced performance and eco-friendliness. It also features Mazda’s ‘Activematic’ four-speed automatic transmission.
- MacPherson struts in the front and a multi-link suspension in the rear contribute to the suppression of body roll that is a common characteristic of minivans when the number of passengers or load capacity changes. Extra attention has been given to fine-tuning the suspension to control and maintain a comfortable and stable ride for passengers.
- The linear, positive response of the four-wheel disc brakes and the precise steering feel from the electric hydraulic power assist steering system provides excellent stability and driving pleasure, allowing the driver and passengers to relax.
- The new Premacy has achieved body rigidity second-to-none in hinged-door vehicles, contributing to an improved degree of stability and outstanding ride comfort. The development team has focused on the importance of local rigidity for parts affixed to the suspension to improve NVH performance.

4. Stylish and Clean Design
Taking its cue from Mazda brand DNA, the Premacy’s stylish and clean basic design theme rings true for anyone who views its distinctive lines and results in a user-friendly minivan with a design of which no one will grow weary. The overall goal was to simultaneously express the rapport between outstanding functionality and the conspicuous appeal of Zoom-Zoom.
- Particular attention has been given to aerodynamic proportions, imbued in the exterior’s flowing wedge shape and crisp, lean lines. Visually, it feels like a compact vehicle, yet boasts a roomy and comfortable interior cabin space.
- Interior detailing focused on the realization of heightened textural sensations and presents cabin space that furnishes exceptional comfort and usability for passengers.
- For the 23S and 20S grades that have an active, intrepid exterior, the interior primary color is black with cool silver accents. The sportier-looking 20C and 20F grades feature a light olive primary color that renders a warm, relaxing atmosphere throughout the cabin.
- Mazda has selected 10 body colors to emphasize the stylish and clean appearance. Two new colors for the Japanese market are Phantom Blue Mica and Stellar Silver Metallic.

5. Working for leading-class safety and environmental performance
- All Premacy models are now certified for SU-LEV (the 2005 Emissions Standard 75% Reduction Level). The 2.0-liter models also exceed the 2010 fuel consumption standard by 5 percent, and thus meets “Green Tax” standards, Japan’s tax-reduction regulations for eco-friendly vehicles.
- Mazda’s own Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System (MAIDAS) offers additional passive safety protection and overall body rigidity has been optimized for minivan characteristics.
- All models come with Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) with dual front airbags, crushable brake pedal, and shock-absorbing steering system as standard equipment. Additional side airbags for the driver and front seat passenger, as well as a large air bag curtain that offers added side protection to passengers sitting in all three rows of seats are available as factory-installed options (except for 20F).
- Better pedestrian protection is furnished through an enlarged clearance gap between the bonnet and the engine, and the cowl top panel (the first of its kind on a Mazda vehicle) is designed to increase force dispersal in the event of a vehicle-pedestrian collision.
- Active safety features include four-wheel ABS and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) with brake assist as standard equipment on all models. Mazda’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system is available as a factory-installed option for the 23S and 20S grades.

Main Specifications
Body Type Station Wagon
Model 20F 20C 20S 23S
Dimensions Length x width x height 4,505x1,745x1,615mm 4,555x1,745x1,615mm
Wheel base 2,750mm
Tread 1,530/1,520mm
Minimum clearance 140mm
Vehicle weight 1,450kg 1,450kg*1 1,460kg*1,2 1,490kg*1,2
Occupancy 7persons
Engine Model LF-DE L3-VE
Type Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve
Displacement 1,998cc 2,260cc
Maximum output 107kW (145PS)/6,000rpm 121kW (165PS)
Maximum torque 181N·m (18.5kg-m)/4,000rpm 210N·m (21.4kg-m)
Steering Rack and Pinion
Suspension (front/rear) MacPherson strut/Multi-link
Brakes (front/rear) Ventilated discs/discs
Tires (front/rear) 195/65R15 91H 205/55R16 89V
Wheels 15 x 6J 16 x 61/2J
10-15 mode fuel consumption
(MLIT inspection values)
14.0 km/l
(meets the 2010 Fuel Economy Standard)
Conforming regulatory level 2005 emissions standard 75% reduction level (SU-LEV)
Notes Meets the “Green Tax” standards -
*1: Add 10 kg to vehicle weight when equipped with sliding doors (factory-installed option).
*2: Add 10 kg to vehicle weight when equipped with sliding sunroof (factory-installed option). If equipped with both sliding doors and a sliding sunroof, add 20 kg to vehicle weight.