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Mazda Releases Partially Remodeled Verisa in Japan

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Mazda Motor Corporation introduces the partially remodeled, “simple, quality and compact” Verisa, which goes on sale today at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealers throughout Japan.

Mazda Verisa (C-model)

Verisa’s remodeling highlights include model lineup changes. The newly established L-model features leather equipment, which used to be the “leather package” factory-installed option. Now gaining a large armrest for the driver’s seat as standard equipment, the C-model keeps the same price as the prior standard model. This expanded lineup can accommodate user’s wide-ranging needs.

Mazda has also freshened the Verisa’s interior and exterior colors. The crisp Icy Blue Metallic and stylish Velocity Red Mica colors are added as body paint options. A chic beige is also newly available for the C-model’s interior, and along with the current olive option, customers now have two interior color options to choose from.

In addition to current equipment such as an immobilizer and water-repelling glass treatment, the new package features automatic headlights and rain-activated wipers. A combination of 16-inch alloy rims with 195/45R tires (for the FWD model only) is also a new manufacturer’s option to enhance the Verisa’s comfortable and stylish feel.

Fuel economy has also been improved: the FWD model can be driven 18.2 kilometers per liter of gasoline, and the e-4WD model gets 17.2 km per liter using Japan’s 10/15 mode test. All models exceed Japan’s 2010 fuel consumption standard by 5 percent. Verisa has been certified as SU-LEV compliant (the 2005 Emissions Standard 75 percent Reduction Level) for all models, and thus meets the highest “Green Tax” standards. This means that Verisa owners qualify for a 32,000 yen reduction of the automobile tax and the automobile acquisition tax.


- Product features of the Mazda Verisa
Model types

A new double lineup was produced from the base model.

The following are standard equipment:
- Half-leather seats (blue colored, made of flat weave fabric and black leather)
- Wood-toned trim and a leather-wrapped steering wheel
- Wood-trimmed center side panel

- C-model
The conventional C-model has a standard interior made from flat weave fabric. A driver’s seat, large armrest made of fabric has been added as standard equipment.


Body Color
A total of nine stylish colors are available, including the new colors Icy Blue Metallic and Velocity Red Mica.

Interior Colors
For the C-model, in addition to the regular olive color, a newly adopted beige hue presents a sophisticated image. Users can choose their preference (Note: The combination of Velocity Red Mica body color and Olive as the interior color is not available).

New beige interior for C-model

Factory-installed options

Following are new options:

The package option combines an automatic headlight system and rain sensor-activated wipers as new equipment, along with an immobilizer and water repellent-treated windshield glass, front door glass and door mirrors.

- Verisa features 16-inch alloy tires (195/45R16 80W) only on the FWD model.
Additionally, the much-acclaimed dressup model package (with front/side/rear bright molding, front foglights, silver bezels, and exhaust pipe finish*), music HDD (6 speakers, audio remote control switch included), 15-inch alloy tires (185/55R15 81V) and discharge headlights are still available.
* The FWD and the e-4WD model shapes are different.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices
Model Engine Transmission Drive Price (Yen)
Including tax Without tax
e-4WD 1,727,250 1,645,000
L FWD 1,596,000 1,520,000
e-4WD 1,790,250 1,705,000
Note: Snowflake White Pearl Mica as body color costs an extra 31,500 yen (tax included).