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Mazda Unveils Freshened Atenza

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Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the sales launch of the freshened Mazda Atenza at Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealers throughout Japan. The suggested retail price ranges from 1,932,000 yen to 2,646,000 yen with taxes included. The monthly sales target is 1,500 units.

Mazda Atenza Sport 23Z

The freshened Atenza has a greatly improved feeling of quality from modifications such as a sportier exterior, refined styling, and a redesigned interior center panel. The five-speed ‘Activematic’ automatic transmission (AT) that had only been available for the four-wheel drive model up to now has been made standard for all models, and a six-speed manual transmission newly replaces the five-speed manual transmission (MT). Driving performance improvements have also been sought through strengthened body rigidity. New equipment has enhanced the superb ride comfort. In addition, the range of models was reviewed, resulting in the new luxury grade 23EX being newly added to the Atenza’s lineup.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices
Body Type Grade Drive Engine Transmission Retail Price (yen)
Including tax Without tax
20C FWD 2.0L DOHC 5AT 2,247,000 2,140,000
23S 2.3L DOHC 6MT 2,373,000 2,260,000
5AT 2,436,000 2,320,000
23Z 6MT 2,583,000 2,460,000
5AT 2,646,000 2,520,000
23EX 5AT 2,646,000 2,520,000
20F FWD 2.0L DOHC 5AT 1,932,000 1,840,000
20C 2,142,000 2,040,000
20E 2,247,000 2,140,000
23EX 2.3L DOHC 2,457,000 2,340,000
20F FWD 2.0L DOHC 5AT 2,142,000 2,040,000
20C 5AT 2,247,000 2,140,000
23S 2.3L DOHC 6MT 2,373,000 2,260,000
5AT 2,436,000 2,320,000
23Z 6MT 2,583,000 2,460,000
5AT 2,646,000 2,520,000
23EX 5AT 2,646,000 2,520,000
23C 4WD 5AT 2,436,000 2,320,000
23S 5AT 2,646,000 2,520,000
*The five-speed AT is the electronically-controlled Activematic version.

Features of the Freshened Atenza

Atenza has undergone a number of modifications to render a sportier and more refined design, such as changes to the front grille, front and rear bumpers, side garnish, and the rear spoiler (which is only available on the Sport model). Atenza’s 16, 17, and 18-inch alloy wheels also boast a renewed design.

The newly designed black wood finish center panel is installed in the 23EX, the sporty brushline 23S/23Z, and the basic dark gray-colored 20F, 20C, 20E grades. The silver lines on both sides of the center panel bring out the feeling of high quality. For the 23S and 23Z grades, semi-bucket front seats have been adopted. Besides these features, door assist grips have been newly equipped to all seats (except for the driver’s seat).

Body Colors
New colors available for the Atenza are Phantom Blue Mica and Brilliant Carbon Grey Mica, along with Radiant Ebony Mica which was previously available for limited edition models. In total, 11 body colors are available.

Driving Performance
- Electronically-controlled five-speed automatic transmission (AT) (Activematic)
The number of parts has been minimized in the transmission, and this lighter, more compact five-speed AT was introduced. The time lag when shifting has also been reduced, producing a smooth driving sensation.
- Six-speed MT
Improvements in acceleration, particularly in the low-to-mid speed range, have resulted from setting the cross gear ratio for optimal performance.
- Greater brake diameter
The 23Z model has 18-inch alloy tires as standard equipment, using 17-inch large diameter disc brakes (front 320mm, rear 314mm) for better braking power.
- Strengthened body rigidity
Driving performance has been enhanced through localized body rigidity strengthening, primarily in the frame and B-pillar areas.
- Improved quietness
Sound insulating properties have been improved through reinforced insulation and changed drain hole positions.

New Equipment
  Standard Equipment
  - Telescopic steering (standard equipment for all models)
  - Advanced keyless entry (standard equipment for the 23EX. Factory installed option for the 23Z, 23S)
  - 8-way power seat with memory function (standard equipment for the 23EX, 23Z and 20E)
  - Cruise control (standard equipment for 23EX)
  Factory installed options
  - Music HDD (factory installed option for all models)
  - Rain-sensor activated wipers (factory installed option for all grades except 20F)
  - Automatic headlight system (factory installed option for all grades except 20F)

The 20C grade is newly added to the Sport and Sport Wagon body types. The 20E grade has also been newly added to the Sedan category. In addition, the luxury grade 23EX with the sand beige-color leather interior is newly available to all body types.