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Mazda Starts Sales of Upgraded AZ-Wagon

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Mazda Motor Corporation has upgraded its popular AZ-Wagon micromini with a new ‘space utility wagon’ concept. The freshened AZ-Wagon goes on sale today at Mazda Autozam, Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealers throughout Japan.

Product improvements are focused on the heightened feeling of quality that arises from a changed exterior facade and interior modifications. The wheel and bumper shapes have been altered, rendering a new-look exterior. A redesigned instrument panel and different materials used for the door trim and seats form a fresh new look for the interior. In addition, fuel economy and exhaust emissions have also improved engine performance for some models.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the AZ-Wagon series range from 819,000 yen to 1,587,600 yen, including sales tax. The monthly sales target is 2,000 units.

Mazda AZ-Wagon ‘FT-S Special’
Mazda AZ-Wagon ‘FT-S Special’
(FWD model with four-speed automatic transmission)

Upgrade features of AZ-Wagon
- The front and rear bumper shapes have been freshened for the FX-S Special and FT-S Special models. For the RR-DI version, only the rear bumpers have been modified.
- HID headlamps are installed in the FT-S Special model.
- For the FX and FT models, the 13-inch full wheel hubcaps have been redesigned.
- For the FX-S Special and FT-S Special models, the 14-inch alloy wheels have been redesigned.
- Body color choices are the currently available Azure Pearl Grey Metallic and the newly added Lagoon Turquoise Metallic (for the FX model).

- All AZ-Wagon models (except for the FA version) feature redesigned interior center panel garnish. Integrated air conditioning is installed in the RR-DI model.
- All models are equipped with a black-colored meter panel with light emitting meter display.
- All models also have freshened seat and door trim.
- All models also feature a newly redesigned steering wheel.

Other changes
- The FT and FT-S Special models have newly acquired certification as three-star low-emission vehicles (LEV), meaning their exhaust emissions are 50 percent lower than the 2005 exhaust emission standards.
- There are other fuel efficiency improvements.
- All models (except for the 4WD FT and FT-S Special) comply with Japan’s Green Tax requirements.