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Next-Generation Telematics Service Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA Introduced

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TOKYO, Japan, October 4--Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the timing for the launch of its next-generation network information service, Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA, an interactive in-vehicle information service. The Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA telematics service will be installed for the first time on the All New MPV minivan model that will be on sale in Japan from next spring. The All New MPV will be on display at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show, being held at Makuhari Messe from October 22 to November 6, 2005. The new service will be for Mazda vehicles sold in Japan that are equipped with G-BOOK ALPHA-compatible navigation systems. Mazda is the second manufacturer to adopt the G-BOOK ALPHA service that was developed by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

Mazda announced in February 2004 that it was working with Toyota in the vehicle information systems area. From this tie-up, the partners have sought to facilitate a system that delivers a host of superior services and lower costs to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA is a next-generation telematics system that seeks “harmony between people, society and cars” with three overlying concepts. The first is ‘a sense of security and safety’, followed by ‘driving intelligence’ and ‘amusement’.

Utilizing the latest wireless IT technology and networking, G-BOOK ALPHA enables users to immediately summon an ambulance in an event of an accident or sudden illness. Also, information is available on demand: users can access the information they need when they need it, providing a great sense of security and safety.

In addition, the G-BOOK ALPHA DCM, a unique data communications module recently developed for G-BOOK ALPHA, employs innovative technology that substantially improves various communications functions, drastically improving data transmission speeds and enabling voice clarity with the same quality as car phones.


Overview of ‘MAZDA G-BOOK ALPHA’ Service
Sense of security and safety

In the event of a traffic accident or medical emergency, HELPNET service connects users to a dedicated operator through the touch of a button and allows them to arrange for an ambulance or other assistance by way of an on-board microphone. The system automatically transmits the vehicle location, and after confirming the situation, the operator transfers the call to the appropriate police station or fire department, thus ensuring a quick and effective response.

A vehicle owner will be notified of suspicious engine starts when they are separated from the vehicle via e-mail/ phone and vehicle confirmation and a security check may be conducted upon request. Also, the operator can detect the location of the vehicle in the event of theft.


Driving Intelligence
G-Route Search
Real time traffic information and past statistical data are used to forecast road traffic conditions and suggest optimal routes that avoid traffic congestion.


Users can enjoy a karaoke function that allows them to sing along with their favorite melodies by downloading selections from over 20,000 songs, with a weekly update.