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Mazda Introduces Upgraded Versions of Bongo Van and Truck Series and Titan Dash Trucks

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Mazda Motor Corporation announced the introduction of the partially remodeled Bongo van and Bongo truck, Bongo Brawny van and Titan Dash truck, all of which go on sale today at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan. (Note: the Bongo Brawny van and Titan Dash truck are not available at the Mazda Autozam dealers.)

A headlight beam adjuster has been added to all models, and some other lamp/reflector specifications for certain models have been modified to meet the regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), which will be applied in Japan in January 2006. Also, for increased safety, some Bongo van and Bongo Brawny van models have added antilock brake systems (ABS) as standard equipment.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices range from 1,428,000 yen to 2,395,050 yen for the Bongo Van, 1,299,900 yen to 2,064,300 yen for the Bongo truck, 1,794,450 yen to 2,657,550 yen for the Bongo Brawny van, and from 1,428,000 yen to 2,395,050 yen for the Titan Dash truck. The prices include sales tax and apply to the Tokyo and Hiroshima regions.

Mazda Bongo ‘GL Super’ van
Mazda Bongo ‘GL Super’ van

- Main improvements
1. Changes due to ECE regulations (Applied to: Bongo van/truck, Bongo Brawny van and Titan Dash truck)
- Addition of a headlight beam height adjuster.
- Additional turn signal indicators affixed to the driver and front passenger seat doors as new equipment (for the Bongo van, Bongo truck and Bongo Brawny van).

2. Other equipment changes (Applied to: Bongo van and Bongo Brawny van)
- Antilock brake systems (ABS) have been added as standard equipment for all Bongo and Bongo Brawny vans that have only a single set of rear tires.
- The conventional “rearview pack“ package option (includes a rear washer/wiper, rear window defogger, and rear under mirror) has become standard equipment on the Bongo van and Bongo Brawny van CD models.
- The current two-tone body color (Nordic Green Mica for the upper half, Titanium Gray Metallic II for the lower half) has changed to a new lower body color, Sunlight Silver Metallic, for the ‘GL Super’ models.