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Mazda Announces Staff Recruitment Plan for FY2008

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HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has announced its staff recruitment plan for fiscal year (FY) 2008. In accordance with its plans for future growth, Mazda will offer 280 engineering, 60 administrative/clerical, 520 manufacturing and 30 medical/other positions to prospective employees in Japan.


The staff recruitment plan for FY2008 is the continuation of an ongoing recruitment concept called "Go Beyond.” Under the slogan, “Make Mazda go beyond what it is today. Go beyond what I am today,” the plan aims to recruit employees brimming with potential and enthusiasm.


Minoru Mitsuda, Mazda’s executive officer and general manager of the Personnel & Human Development Division, said, “Mazda recently announced its new mid-term plan, the Mazda Advancement Plan (MAP). The aim of MAP is to guide Mazda along its steady long-term growth path by improving the value of the brand and increasing business efficiencies. Recruitment in FY2008 is being conducted in line with a fixed and continuing recruitment plan that was designed to ensure a skilled workforce, able to support the aims of MAP. We are looking to hire positive thinking people who are capable of ‘self-initiated innovation’.”


Staff recruitment plan for FY2008 and estimated recruitment figures for FY2007

  Staff recruitment plan for
Estimated new
employees for FY2007
Engineering Graduate school, university, technical college, vocational college, high school graduates 280 315
Administrative/clerical Graduate school, university, junior college, vocational college graduates 60 94
Manufacturing-related High school graduates 520 578
Medical/ other University, junior college, vocational
college, high school graduates
30 28
Total 890 1,015