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Mazda Announces Japan Staff Recruitment Plan for FY2011

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HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has announced part of its staff recruitment plan for fiscal year (FY) 2011. Mazda will offer 110 engineering and 25 office positions to prospective employees in Japan.


Minoru Mitsuda, executive officer and general manager of Mazda’s Human Resources Division, said, “Mazda will offer positions to a similar number of people as we did last year despite the challenging operating environment. With our systematic and ongoing recruitment program, we aim to employ the right kind of people to meet our future internal requirements. Our new recruits will work in exciting areas such as Mazda’s future eco-technologies, Monotsukuri Innovation and in marketing. Mazda is always looking for flexible individuals who are ambitious and determined, and who dare to take on tough challenges.”


Staff recruitment plan for FY2011 and estimated recruitment figures for FY2010

  Staff recruitment plan for FY2011 Estimated new employees for FY2010
Engineering Graduate school, university, technical college, vocational college, high school graduates 110 100
Office/clerical Graduate school, university, junior college, vocational college graduates 25 20
Manufacturing-related High school graduates Pending 200
Medical/other University, junior college, vocational college, high school graduates Pending 20
Total Pending 340

* The recruitment plan for manufacturing-related and medical/other positions for FY2011 will be decided at a later date.