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Mazda Announces Japan Graduate Recruitment Plan for Fiscal Year Ending March 2015

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HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation today announced its graduate recruitment plan for fiscal year ending (FYE) March 2015. Mazda will offer 50 engineering, 10 administrative/clerical and 145 manufacturing-related positions to prospective employees in Japan.


Executive Officer Takeshi Fujiga, General Manager of the Human Resources Office and Assistant to the Officer in charge of Safety, Health and Disaster Prevention said, "Mazda established its Structural Reform Plan in February 2012 to ensure its future growth, and is implementing it on a company-wide basis. We are always looking for people who work persistently towards their dreams and objectives and have the ability to work with others in order to deliver results."


Mazda will continue to systematically secure people who can drive the company's future growth.


- Staff recruitment plan for FYE March 2015 and estimated recruitment figures for FYE March 2014 -

  Graduate recruitment plan for FYE March 2015 Estimated new employees for FYE March 2014
Engineering Graduate school, university, technical college, vocational college, high school graduates 50 50
Graduate school, university, junior college, vocational college graduates 10 10
Manufacturing-related High school graduates 145 85
Medical University, junior college, vocational college, high school graduates Pending 35
Total Pending 180

Note: Graduates who have completed their education within the last three years are eligible for Mazda's graduate recruitment plan.