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Mazda Publishes Mazda Sustainability Report 2013 and Annual Report 2013

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HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation today published the Mazda Sustainability Report 2013 and Annual Report 2013 in Japanese on the company's official Website. The Sustainability Report 2013 outlines Mazda's corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and achievements for the fiscal year ended March 2013. The Annual Report 2013 features management information and financial news.


Mazda Sustainability Report 2013 Annual Report 2013
Mazda Sustainability Report 2013 Annual Report 2013


Highlights of the Sustainability Report 2013

  • Top Message lays out Representative Director, President and CEO Masamichi Kogai's resolutions upon taking office, explains Mazda's approach to CSR and introduces some initiatives linked to business strategies.
  • The Special Feature section provides updates on environmental and safety technologies developed in line with Mazda's long-term vision for technology development, Sustainable Zoom-Zoom. It features interviews with some of those who led the development of these technologies.
  • Based on the core subjects of ISO 26000*1, Mazda's CSR Targets are included for the first time.
  • The Report includes Mazda Biodiversity Guidelines which were established in December 2012.
  • The CLOSE UP section discusses three focus areas; environmental conservation, social contributions and respect for people. It includes interviews with employees and feedback from stakeholders.


Highlights of the Annual Report 2013

  • Interview with the CEO looks back at the fiscal year ended March 2013 and discusses strategies for the future.
  • In the fiscal year ended March 2013, Mazda returned to positive results in all profit categories. Special Feature looks at SKYACTIV Technology*2, a key driver in Mazda's recovery, and features an interview with Seita Kanai, Representative Director and Vice Chairman of the Board.
  • Also includes Review and Analysis of Operations, which gives and easy-to-understand summary of Mazda's business results and Review of Operations covering Japan, North America, Europe, China and Other Markets.


Both the Sustainability Report 2013 and the Annual Report 2013 can be downloaded from Mazda's global website.

Sustainability Report 2013*3
Annual Report 2013*4


  • *1 Organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and community involvement and development
  • *2 An umbrella term for Mazda's new-generation technologies, including the SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine, SKYACTIV-D diesel engine, SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission, SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission, the high-performance lightweight SKYACTIV-CHASSIS and the lightweight but highly rigid SKYACTIV-BODY.
  • *3 The full report is available for download in Japanese now. A Japanese digest version featuring highlights of the full report will be available in both printed and online format in September. The full report in English will be available online in September, and the English digest version will be available in October in both printed and online formats.
  • *4 Both the English and Japanese versions available only in online format.