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A gathering of 1,300 MX-5s in Karuizawa

Held on May 25, Karuizawa Meeting 2014 (organized by the Karuizawa Meeting Executive Committee) was one of the biggest gatherings of MX-5 owners Japan has ever seen. It was like a ‘grand convention,’ with owners coming from as far away as Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu in the south. Some drove for 12 hours and over 800 kilometers to reach Karuizawa.
This year’s Meeting was held under sunny skies and attended by a record 2,015 visitors. The 25th Anniversary Edition MX-5, and the new SkyActiv Chassis developed for the upcoming next generation MX-5 were exhibited in Japan for the first time, and there was a pedal car race for children under five years old. A total of 1,300 MX-5s (636 first-generation, 382 second-generation and 282 third-generation models) gathered, again breaking the Meeting’s own record.

The venue was the parking lot of the Karuizawa Prince Hotel ski area. As the 8 am opening time of the venue gate approached, nearby roads in every direction became filled with MX-5s of every color. At intersections, drivers waved, exchanged smiles and shared their excitement for the Meeting that was about to start. The MX-5s coming and going seemed to move with an even greater air of confidence than usual. And when the gate opened, a line of MX-5s streamed into the venue, completely filling the first parking lot in under an hour. By the time the opening ceremony started at 10 am, a sense of enthusiasm was palpable throughout the venue, and cheers and laughter were heard all around.

“My MX-5 gives me the chance to get to know many different types of people I wouldn’t normally meet in my everyday life. That’s what’s so great about these Meetings. I just keep finding myself back here year after year!”
“A friend let me ride in his first-generation MX-5. I was so impressed, I’ve decided to buy one.”
“More than anything, these Meetings are about fun. Just seeing all these MX-5s together is exciting, and seeing the various ways people have customized their cars is really inspirational. I’ve checked out a lot of styles on the internet, but seeing the actual car in the flesh is a completely different thing.”
Participants had many more similar things to say that illustrated their passion and love for the MX-5.

Mazda’s aim for the MX-5 was ‘a car that makes everyone feel joy and happiness.’ Keeping this spirit alive, we hope to continue experiencing the joy of driving along with you all.
(Translated from material on the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Blog)

Official Mazda Blog: Mazda Zoom-Zoom Blog



Date held May 25, 2014
Location held Karuizawa Prince Hotel ski area parking lot
Organizer Karuizawa Meeting Jikko Iinkai
Special assistance Mazda Motor Corporation
Number of participating vehicles About 1,300 Roadsters (636 first-generation models, 382 second-generation
models, 282 third-generation models)