Mazda developed the next generation lightweight high-rigidity SKYACTIV-BODY in order to offer our customers both driving pleasure and the world's best environmental and safety performance. The SKYACTIV-BODY achieves a superior balance between world-class crashworthiness, greatly improved rigidity and reduced weight.

For the SKYACTIV-BODY, we applied the concepts of 'straightening', in which the lines of the basic structure are made as straight as possible, and 'continuous framework' in which each section functions in coordination with the other sections of the framework. In addition, to securely attach the upper body and the under body we adopted a 'dual brace', as well as a 'ring structure' and a 'closed section' structure.

Protection in the event of a front collision

  • The front of the body incorporates a highly-efficient multi-load path structure which absorbs the shock of a collision by dispersing it in multiple directions.
  • In the event of crash, the engine is released to maintain an impact-absorbing space.
  • High-tensile steel is used in areas such as around the footwell of the front seats and in the center of the cabin, reducing the weight and increasing strength at the same time.

Protection in the event of a side impact

  • The highly-rigid ring structure that connects the roof, center pillar and the underbody mitigates deformation of the cabin in a side impact.
  • Side impact bars are installed in the doors (two in the front and one in the rear) to efficiently disperse energy from a side impact and keep the doors from penetrating the cabin.

Protection in the event of rear end collision

  • The underbody offers outstanding crashworthiness thanks to the rear frame which has been straightened and strengthened.
  • The structure is designed to protect the fuel tank to reduce the chances of a fuel leak or fire.
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High evaluation globally

The CX-5 for the North American market received the highest rating, in the crash safety performance test by the IIHS (US) and was named a 2013 "Top Safety Pick".

The European spec model also received the maximum five-star rating in the 2012 Euro NCAP comprehensive safety performance assessment.