Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Air Bag System

SRS air bag systems aim to improve safety by working in conjunction with a seatbelt to minimize impact to occupants in a collision. The front air bags for the driver's seat and passenger's seat deploy when a moderate or severe frontal impact is detected, mitigate impact to the head and chest.

SRS Air Bag System (Driver's and Passenger's air bags, curtain air bags and front side air bags)

For side impact collision, Mazda offers SRS curtain air bags and SRS front side air bags.

The SRS curtain air bag deploys in such a way as to cover the side window when a moderate or severe lateral impact is detected and mitigates impact to occupants' heads. The SRS front side air bag deploys from the side of the front seat and helps protect the chest area of occupants who are wearing their seat belts properly.

* SRS is an abbreviation of Supplemental Restraint System

* Always wear your seat belt and secure children in the rear seats in appropriate child restraints. SRS is designed to be used with seatbelts since the SRS may not provide protection in all types of accidents.