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Mazda Releases Fully Redesigned 'Scrum Wagon' and 'Scrum Van'

-The wagon heightens the passion for driving, the van is user-friendlier for business use-

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Mazda Motor Corporation commenced sales today of its fully remodeled Scrum Wagon minivan and Scrum Van for commercial use at Mazda Autozam, Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealers throughout Japan.

Mazda Scrum Wagon ‘PZ Turbo’
Mazda Scrum Wagon ‘PZ Turbo’
(FWD/4-speed automatic transmission model)
Mazda Scrum ‘Buster’ Van
Mazda Scrum ‘Buster’ Van
(FWD/5-speed manual transmission model)

The new Scrum Wagon’s concept is ‘a family wagon a cut above,’ with a stylish exterior and expansive interior. Its main features are the convenient equipment it provides to all passengers and the numerous ways to store items. The all-new Scrum Van, with its ‘everyday working partner’ concept, bases its appeal on accessibility—the ease of loading and unloading items to and from the roomy cargo space as well as its wide door aperture.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices range from 1,244,250 yen to 1,659,000 yen for the Scrum Wagon; from 879,900 yen to 1,165,500 yen for the Scrum Van, both including sales tax. The monthly sales target for the Scrum Wagon and Scrum Van together is 600 units.


Features of the Scrum Wagon and the Scrum Van
Excellent Ingress and Egress

- Both models feature built-in steps convenient when users enter and exit for both front and rear seats. Also, easy-to-use large grip handles assist with ingress and egress for the driver and passenger seats.

Convenient and abundant storage space and functions
- Both the Scrum Wagon and Scrum Van are equipped with a large glove box that can accommodate a tissue box-sized item, an instrument panel compartment tray and hook (in front of the passenger seat), a retractable instrument panel ‘pocket’ with lid (on the driver’s seat side) and a front cup holder with room for two cups.
- Each model has also adopted a front-folding passenger seat mechanism that enables long objects to be loaded easily.

Upgraded driveability
- An L-type lower arm and suspension frames have also been incorporated. By upgrading the rigidity of the suspension mounts, handling and stability as well as riding comfort have been improved.

Enhanced safety functions and equipment
- A new body that employs a ladder-shaped frame and uses a large amount of high-tensile steel paneling have been adopted for both the Scrum Wagon and Van models. Both models have also incorporated an impact-absorbing front end, with hood and fenders designed to minimize impact to a pedestrian’s head in the event of accidental contact.
- All models come equipped with front airbags as standard equipment.